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I give out a lot of free property development educational material to help investors get started in property development and eventually transition and become property developers. I have myself written and authored all property development courses and property development articles on this website. I have been in your shoes and have been to numerous property investment seminars and have attended numerous property development courses.

I have put together these free property development resources and feasibility calculators keeping in mind everything that I was looking for when I started as a property developer. These property development ebooks contain the exact information I was so desperately looking for when I started my journey. I wanted to be a property developer, and at the time there weren't many property development courses, let alone a process-driven system I could plug into. So to help you become a property developer, here are the Top 5 Property Development ebooks that cover all the essential aspects of the property development process.

If you like this website and the free resources, please feel free to contact me and drop in a line. I take all feedback on board to help people out in whatever capacity I can.

Collection of Property Development eBooks
by Amber Khanna | Property Developer

Property Development Blueprint
The Complete Property Development Process

This 65-page property development ebook not only covers the complete property development process but also goes into details of why property development is the best property investment strategy, busting all the myths about property development along the way. Property Development Blueprint is the most downloaded property development ebook on my website for anyone interested in becoming a property developer.

property development Blueprint

My 26 Question Due Diligence Checklist
Property Development Due Diligence

This property development due diligence ebook covers the due diligence factors that you need to consider when sourcing a site. The guide goes into detail about site due diligence covering zoning and setbacks as well as legal due diligence that you as a property developer need to conduct before you commit to the site and your "Contract of Sale" goes unconditional.

Property Development Feasibility Study
Property Development Financial Feasibility

The Financial Feasibility ebook is the most crucial ebook for any property developer. If you would like to become a property developer, this is where you should start. Understanding the role of financial feasibility in property development, various costs involved in financial feasibility and an understanding of the three different types of financial feasibilities.

10 Financial Mistakes made by Property Investors & Developers and How to avoid them for Stronger Growth

I wrote this book when I was studying for my Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking. I never pursued the profession, but the knowledge I gained about the finance and banking industry was something I feel every property investor and developer must know. This ebook highlights the mistakes that we as investors and developers make when structuring debt and the traps we need to avoid for stronger growth. If you are starting as a property investor or developer, I would highly recommend that you read this ebook from start to finish.

10 Web Resources for Property Investors & Developers
A list of Web Resources used to conduct Market Research and Due Diligence

When I started as a property developer, I went to various seminars who talked about everything but the HOW TO of every aspect of property investment and development. So when I sat behind the computer to start doing my research, I realised that there was no logical system to conduct my research. In the ebook, I share my top 10 resources I use when I start my research and due diligence on any development project.