Lead Developer - Property Development Feasibility Suite

Property Development Feasibility Suite

Know Your Numbers... So You Can Flip, Develop Or Control... Any Property For Profit... Without ​Becoming A Geek In The Process...

A Suite Of 4 powerful feasibility applications - Built with you... the real estate developer, Property Investor, Land Owner, Builder & the Real Estate agent... in mind.

Because We Know That You Need Just

ONE THING To Profit From Property...

Your ability to know your numbers

That's why we created...

Lead Developer Feasibility Suite

Feasibility Toolkit For Developers & Investors
With 4 Powerful Feasibility Applications
For Development & Investment (Buy & Hold) Analysis

One Minute Feasibility

1. One Minute Feaso

Property Development Feasibility In Under One-Minute

  • Know If The Project Works
  • Know It Fast
  • And Keep Your Sanity!

If You Want To FlipDevelop Or Control Any Property For ProfitKnow Your Numbers In Under A Minute, Then One-Minute Feaso Should Be Your Tool Of Choice. One Minute Feaso Separates The Wheat From The Chaff, Faster, Quicker & Easier Without The Need To Spend Considerable Time And Resources. 

Smart Feasibility Calculator

2. Smart Feasibility Calculator

Property Development Feasibility For Projects Spanning Two Years Or Less

Like most developers, do you waste hours looking at properties, trying to figure out if they have any realistic potential? And when you think a property looks good, do you constantly second-guess yourself wondering if you’ve missed something? You’re not alone. I used to spend hours getting excited about potential properties – manually calculating figures – only to discover they never had a chance of workingOr, by the time I was confident to move ahead with a property, someone else had already snapped it up. And I was left defeated and starting my search from scratch (again).


In My Experience 9 Out Of 10, First Time Property Developers FAIL Because Of 3 Reasons:

They Lack The Right Tools & The Knowledge To Ascertain...

  • If The Project Has Enough Profit...
  • Exactly How Much Should They Pay For Land...
  • And How Much Of Their Own Money Will They Need To Complete The Project.
LeadDeveloper Property development Feasibility Suite

3. Lead Developer

Detailed Development Feasibility Application With Cash flows Using S-Curve Distributions, Custom Cost Codes & Multiple Financing Options

comprehensive feasibility Study analysis to determine highest-best use of a Site, create professional financial reports, attract investors, get finance, and move forward with confidence knowing exactly how much money you’re about to make in your property development project. World's First Property Development Feasibility Software To Be Listed On Google Marketplace.

REAL estate investment analysis

4. Smart REIA

Analyse & Compare Investment Properties In Minutes Instead Of Hours & Days...

when you buy an investment property, you are not really buying a physical property. what you are really buying is it's income stream. so what you pay for the investment property must justify the potential income & cash flow that it brings in. most property investors are oblivious of what this means for their investment decision. With Smart Real Estate Investment Analysis, you can not only figure out exactly what your investment is  worth, you can also compare and contrast upto 5 different investment opportunities and make the decision based on facts and numbers rather than hunches.

Property Development Feasibility In Under One-Minute

Know if your project works in under one minute. Get more certainty while saving time & resources. it is fast and still includes important features, like sensitivity analysis & finance calculations for land and construction Separately


discover exactly how much of your own money do you need to maximize profits

skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST real estate developers starting out

Have More Certainty When You Have Assessed The Impact Of Cost And Sales To Your Bottom Line In Different Scenarios. What If Sales Go Down & Costs Go Up Or Vice Versa, Run Sensitivity For Various Scenarios

Confidence and Clarity is the key. As you run numbers on multiple projects, your confidence to move forward with the project will go up

understand exactly how much to pay for the site Based On It's Highest Best Use

know exactly how to negotiate a contract based on numbers without letting your emotions cloud your judgement

Know Exactly How Much Capital You Need To Raise From Investors So You Don't Have To Put In Any Of Your Own Money

Makes You The Feasibility Expert In 10 Short Videos (Included To Help You Get Up And Running Within A Couple Of Hours)

How the Smart Feasibility Calculator Helps Developers Find Properties

Development Feasibility For Projects that span between 12-24 months with funding table & land loan refinancing. The Smart Feasibility Calculator is the most valuable tool I use every single day. No kidding – I don’t know what I did without it.
It is so EASY to use that even people with little or no knowledge can do a professional
property development feasibility on any project.

Smart Feasibility Calculator

No More Struggling To Calculate Figures Manually

If You can fill out a form you can use Smart Feasibility Calculator.

No More Missing Out On The Best Deals

Stop Wasting Time On Properties With No Potential. Make Sure That You Understand The Most Important Principle When Conducting Financial Feasibility.

No More Waiting, What You Were Looking For Is Already Here

the biggest challenge for anyone Starting out as a Developer is being able to get the numbers right and get them right quickly and easily. thankfully now you can with Smart Feasibility Calculator.

Calculate Maximum Debt

Smart Feasibility Calculator allows you to calculate the maximum amount you can borrow from your lender based on your allocation of soft and hard costs. All such calculations utilise iterative calculations to arrive at the most probable value.

No More Disappointment Over Properties You Thought Had Potential

Know if a project is good or No Good.

No More Ambiguity & Second Guesses

I show you exactly how to make good estimates based on averages for construction and other costs involved.

Run multiple contingency scenarios with 1-click

ever wondered if the costs go up by x% and the sale values go down by X% - how would this Impact your feasibility? with Smart Feasibility Calculator you can run multiple contingency scenarios with 1-click.

Funding Table

quickly and easily allocate costs that can be funded by the lender and the costs that the developer will need to fund. giving you maximum control over determining the maximum amount you can borrow realistically.

Simply punch some basic numbers into the Smart Feasibility Calculator and in seconds it spits out all the answers including…

  • Development Margin - The Development Margin is a fancy way of expressing how much money you’re about to make on cost. The Smart Feasibility Calculator goes even further and tells you your profit in relation to cost and revenue. And it breaks it all down per unit.
  • Return on Equity / Cash on Cash ReturnThis calculation digs even deeper and takes into account how much equity you need, for how long and what return you can enjoy on it for the duration of the project.
  • Benchmark Construction CostsApart from the purchase price, nothing costs more than construction. This calculation shows you how much construction will cost in relation to all costs and the total end sales, so you can check your margins are within range and confirm the deal is worth pursuing.
  • Developers Equity Contribution - The Hardest Thing To Figure Out In Any Development Project Is How Much Equity Is Needed To Bring It Home. Most Seasoned Developers Are Not Equipped To Do This Calculation. The Smart Feasibility Calculator Gives You A Precise Equity Figure In Under 2 Minutes.
  • Set Target Development / Risk Margin - Ever Wanted To Lock In A Profit Margin For Yourself, Even Before Starting A Project? Smart Feasibility Calculator Allows You To Do Exactly That. This Calculation Shows You The Residual Value Of Land, Based On A Target Development Margin, To Make Sure That You Never Pay More For Land Than What It's Worth.
  • Model Contingency Scenarios - What If Things Don’t Go Exactly According To Plan? This Calculation Shows You What Happens If Your Costs Go Up And Sales Go Down In 3 Scenarios: 1) Development Profit, 2) Dev. Margin On Cost, 3) Return On Equity / Cash On Cash Return. This Is The ‘Fat’ Every Project Needs To Cover Risk And Ensure A Healthy Profit.

Property Development Feasibility With Lead Developer

I've invested over 7 years of my own time creating my own property development feasibility applications. These tools were the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to make confident development decisions when I started out as a property developer. lead developer is a detailed financial feasibility app with the ability to plan and distribute cash flows using s-curve, create custom cost heads and cost codes And multiple financing options.

Lead Developer Feasibility

Fully Customisable

Start With A Well Laid Out Template & Customise Your Own Cost Heads & Cost Codes, Set Custom GST & VAT Rates as well as your own Unit of measurements

exhaustive list of development costs

customise or use my built in exhaustive list of development costs already set to mimic exactly how a development project unfolds. you only have to customise this once to create your own template

Construction Cost Calculations

Three Ways To Calculate Detailed Construction Cost Calculations. 1) Average Cost / Built Area, 2) Average Cost Per Unit, 3) Detailed Cost Calculation By Individual Built Area

Sale Value Calculations & Other Income

Two Methods To Calculate The Sale Value Of Your Units, Apartments And Or Townhouses. In Addition, You Can Also Calculate Other Income Generated From Your Site While You Prepare For Construction

detailed cost & revenue Calculations

breakdown of cost & revenue by built area as well as net saleable and Leasable areas forecasted over project timeline.

Forecast Development Costs Using

100% Fully Customisable Development Cost Codes Can Be Forecasted Over Your Project Timeline Using S-Curve Distribution With The Ability To Select The Steepness Of Your Bell Curve To Distribute Not Only Construction Costs But Any Or All Development Costs.

Multiple financing & refinancing options

calculate finance and interest costs for 5 different scenarios. buy a site and hold, then refinance & then convert it into commercial construction loan. in addition, calculate interest on mezzanine finance as well as your own developers equity.

Detailed Summary Sheet Including Cash Flows

Whether you are after a one page summary or a detailed summary that includes summarised cash flow distributions - lead developer has it all

Decision Metrics

Extensive Decision Metrics From Project Profit, Development Margin On Cost & Revenue, Cash On Cash Return, Developers Equity Contributions, Residual Value Of Land, Net Present Value, Internal Rate Of Return As Well As An Income Statement

Hurdle Rates

Set Hurdle Rates For Net Present Value, Internal Rate Of Return, Residual Value Of Land & Project Related Site Value

Project Related Site Value

Common Valuation Method Used By Commercial Valuers To Value Development Approved Sites. This Is Where We Look At Gross Realizations And Deduct All Costs Of Development To Arrive At Your Project-Related Site Value (Commonly Used In Australia)

Sensitivity Analysis

Determine What Happens To Your Project's Bottom Line When Your Costs & Sales Fluctuate. Set Increment & Decrement Percentage For Costs And Sale Values To See The Impact On Your Profit, Development Margin & Return On Equity

feasibility S-Curve distribution
  • Cash flow Analysis - Distribute your costs across your timeline using normal distribution and S-Curves (with ability to select the steepness of your S-Curve) and get a clear picture of monthly cash flows

Smart Real Estate Investment Analysis

A developer isn't complete without the ability to calculate cash flows, model financing options & establish income potential of an investment property. whether you use this tool to do buy & hold analysis, develop & hold analysis or use it to present units, Townhouses, Apartments etc.  from your own development as an investment opportunity to potential buyers, Smart REIA has you covered. In addition you can compare and contrast up to 5 investment opportunities for Yourself or your investors.

Smart Real Estate Investment Analysis

calculate true value of your investment property

One of the keys in choosing a solid investment property is knowing (upfront) what a property will provide over the life of ownership. This includes cashflow from rent as well as proceeds from a sale at some point in the future. A Present Value (PV) of future cashflow gives you the true value in today’s dollars so you can easily compare multiple properties and ensure you never overpay.

Calculate true profit

When Choosing A Property, Too Many Investors Only Consider Basic Figures Like Purchase Price, Rental Return, And Likely Capital Gains. This Often Results In Nasty Surprises Like A Negative Cashflow Property That Vacuums Money From Your Wallet Every Month And Puts Stress On Your Family Budget. It Can Also Stall Your Portfolio Because Your Equity Position Does Not Allow You To Continue Investing. Smart REIA Factors In All Expenses Including Vacancy Rates To Give You The Break-Even Point And True Profit Of A Property (Over Its Life) So You Can Plan With Clarity & Confidence.

interest & amortisation

The Way You Structure The Purchase And Finance Of Your Investment Is Just As Important As The Property You Choose. Smart REIA Allows You To Compare Finance Options Including Interest Only, Principle Plus Interest (And Different Combinations), Payment Schedule, Compound Interest, And The Effect Of Ad-Hoc And Delayed Payments. This All Goes Into To Giving You An Accurate Profit And Loss Statement For Each Property.

ratios & gains

Sadly, Too Many Investors Calculate Capital Gains Incorrectly, Failing To Include Improvements, Depreciation And Gain On Sale. Smart Reia Not Only Includes These Essential Factors, It Gives You A Break-Even And Debt Coverage Ratio To Satisfy Lenders, Making It Easier For You To Get Finance.

Yield & Returns

Smart REIA Shows You All Profit Scenarios Including Return On Investment (ROI), Internal Rate Of Return, Cash-On-Cash (Equity Dividend Return), Cash-On-Cash Vs Alternative Return, And Total Potential Return So You Know Exactly Where You Stand Before You Sign Anything

Equity Growth

Too Many Investors Hit A Plateau Because Their Equity Position Prevents Them From Moving Ahead With More Investment Properties. Smart REIA Gives You Your Equity Position At Any Point Including Total Equity, Equity Growth, And Growth On Equity Return So You Can Plan The Growth Of Your Entire Portfolio And Accelerate Your Wealth.

rental yields

Comparing Yields On Different Types Of Properties Can Be As Confusing As Comparing Phone Plans! Smart REIA Calculates Different Types Of Rental Yields And Gives You An Apple-To-Apple Comparison So You Know Which Property Will Put More In Your Pocket.

comparative analysis

Smart REIA Doesn’t Merely Give You A Complete Analysis Of Each Property, It Compares Up To 5 Properties At Once And allows you to Rate Them On A Scale From 1-5 for different parameters, So You Can Easily See Which Property Has The Most Potential As An Investment.

works around the world for commercial & residential alike

Smart REIA Takes Just Minutes To Use And Gives You A Comprehensive Analysis And Comparison For Both Residential And Commercial Property.

How Is Lead Developer Feasibility Suite Different?

Suite of 4 Powerful Feasibility applications

Lead developer is not just 1 piece of application, it is a combination of 4 Google Sheet Add ons covering all aspects of property development feasibility as well as real estate investment analysis. whether you are after speed or detail, residential of commercial, development or investment, Lead Developer has an application that will fit your requirements 

comprehensive, yet simple

lead developer is as detailed as a Sistine Chapel mural, and yet quick and easy to use. Simply fill in the blue cells, hit ‘update’, and you’ll have all the answers you need. You’ll be amazed at the data you get. And so will your bank. Put simply, these are professional tools for people who are serious about making (and not losing) money developing & investing in property

short learning curve

lead developer is designed in a spreadsheet environment using google cloud. it has been deliberately kept in a spreadsheet environment to make it easier for user to understand and navigate their way around. if you have used an excel spreadsheet before you should have no Trouble using any of the suite applications. simply fill in the blue input cells and get the results

no fuss about Mac or windows

lead developer feasibility suite runs on Google Sheets available to use for free with a free Gmail email address. all you need is a web browser and an internet connection to run lead developer. (We recommend Google Chrome Web browser, however, it is not mandatory)

Unbeatable Value

With The Number Of Included Applications, Ease Of Use And The Detailed Training, Lead Developer Is Truly An Indispensable & Affordable Tool. 

Flexible subscription

lead developer is available as an annual subscription service so you can subscribe or unsubscribe as per your requirements

feedback & sharing

built on Google Sheets, lead developer allows you to share your feasibility sheets with other investors and partners for their comments and feedback. You can even publish the sheet as a web page and share the URL with your peers

Comparative analysis

create multiple copies of the same project with various scenarios to easily compare results, contingency scenarios and sensitivity analysis

Calculations With Or Without
GST & VAT - you decide

Whether you are from Australia, New zealand or UK - the feasibility applications allow you to input your GST and VAT rates. And if GST and VAT does not Apply to you, simply select Not Applicable and all Calculations will exclude GST and vAT.

Included: Feasibility Suite Training

application training for all 4 AddOns is Included with the subscription. however, if you ever get stuck, you can reach out via support and we will help you out.

BONUS: Advanced Feasibility Training

Includes everything you need to understand feasibilities, decision metrics, components and constraints - yours to keep even if you do not go ahead after your 14 day free trial.



Yours To Keep Forever...

Advance Feasibility Training Worth $997
Even If You Don't Go Ahead After Your 14 Day Trial...

Practical & Empirical Training On Important Decision Metrics, Their Application And Meaning For Investors & Developers. Get An Edge When Dealing With Lenders & Understand Return Metrics To Minimise Risks & Maximise Returns For Your Investors. This Advance Training Is Yours Forever - It's my way of saying thank you for giving lead developer a try.

Here’s what people are saying about My Feasibility Applications

How Well Does it work?

I’m not the only person who finds these tools invaluable. Here’s what others have to say about it…

Property Development feasibility review

"Loved your Smart Calculator. Great when on the road and in a hurry to get quick overall picture of a development worth pursuing or not. Well done”. 

- Jim Delalis

Property Investor

"I was impressed – your “BoE” models are more detailed and well presented than most I’ve seen".

property development feasibility testimonial

Bill Rodney

Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance, Investment and Valuation at Cass Business School & Director i-analysis training

What is the cost of making a mistake to you?

If you have deep pockets, then don't worry about making costly mistakes... because you have the dough to back you up. And the best part is, that the lessons we learn after losing our money or after getting stuck with dud projects, are the most valuable ones and we never forget them.

However, if you are like me and would like to do everything you can to avoid making costly mistakes, and add every dollar to your project's bottom line, then go right ahead and sign up for your 14 Day Free Trial of Lead Developer Feasibility Suite.

Here's My Promise To You...

You will find Lead developer Feasibility Suite Easy To use and implement no matter where you are in your journey as a property developer or investor.

lead developer is unique because it’s built and Developed Over Years by a real developer who started out from zero With no prior knowledge of property development, but went on to complete more than $65 million in successful projects and Almost Always has numerous projects on the go...



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With Complimentary On Boarding Call

Whatever decision you make today, it’s not set in stone. I know it’s hard to know how helpful a Suite Of tools can be until you try them. So, I’m inviting you to put
Lead Developer - property development feasibility suite
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However, once you try this tool, like me, I think you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. Because this is the same suite of tools I use all the time for
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LeadDeveloper Property development Feasibility Suite
Lead Developer - Property Development Feasibility Suite

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