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These financial feasibility softwares were the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to make confident development decisions that enabled me to complete developments worth $65m and go from zero to $1.03 million equity / cash in just 5 years – part time.
- Amber Khanna

property development feasibility software


  • PDS Smart Feasibility Calculator (The Most Detailed Back of Envelope Feasibility Model)
    The quickest, easiest way to ‘vet’ properties and find the best development opportunities in 2-minutes flat (saves hours in research and stops you wasting time on properties with no potential)
  • PDS Full Scale Feasibility Calculator (Property Development Feasibility Study - Advance)
    The most comprehensive feasibility analysis to determine highest-best use of a property, create professional financial reports, attract investors, get finance, and move forward with confidence knowing exactly how much money you’re about to make in your property development project.
  • Free Bonus Training
    The information and instruction you need to become a Property Development Financial Feasibility Pro, so you can source, develop and profit from property (enabling you to replace your income and retire sooner and financially free)
  • And Professional Features: World's First Financial Feasibility Software (Add-On) to be listed on Google Marketplace.
  • Accurate… you’ll be armed with the precise information you need to make development decisions quickly and easily… and either abandon a potential property before you waste time and money, or move forward on a deal with confidence
  • Simple… you’ll have the answers you need in minutes – no more time-consuming manual calculations – these tools do it all for you
  • Powerful… you’ll have everything you need to analyse deals, attract finance, and systematically stay on track throughout the development – it’s your road map to property development success

Praised by Industry Professionals and used by International University Professors to teach their students including…

I was impressed – your “BoE” models are more detailed and well presented than most I’ve seen.

property development feasibility testimonial

Bill Rodney

Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance, Investment and Valuation at Cass Business School & Director i-analysis training

Are These Common Hurdles Holding You Back Too?

Like many developers, are you tired of wasting hours / days trying to figure out if properties have any realistic potential – and want a quick easy way to find the best opportunities before others snap them up?

  • Do you sometimes suffer ‘second-guess-syndrome’ wondering if you’ve missed something – and want a sure-fire process to ensure you have every detail covered, so you can move forward on projects with confidence, knowing exactly how much money you’re about to make?
  • Do you feel frustrated trying to get good information from ‘dinky’ apps that are as ‘shallow as a kids wading pool’ – and want a professional property development feasibility software that provides deep analysis and accurate answers?
  • Have you invested in other professional property development feasibility software programs only to be disappointed by the bloated complexity and insane expense – and want a practical tool that cuts straight to the chase and provides a clear road-map to follow?
  • Do you struggle to manually calculate all the variables of a property development opportunity – and want a quick and easy way to compare development scenarios and determine the highest and best use for a property?
  • Are you too busy to crunch the numbers and create professional financial reports manually – and want a tool that can do it for you, in a way that attracts investors and has banks competing for your business?
  • Do you think your family home may have untapped potential – and want a simple way to determine if sub-dividing or developing is a realistic option?

The Missing Piece to the Property Development Puzzle

From my observation – and personal experience as an active property developer -- there is one surprising hurdle that stops more people from getting started in property development… and derails their journey towards development success.

It’s not time. It’s not skill. It’s not money. And it’s definitely not a lack of opportunity.

It’s the lack of an efficient process to gather and interpret information that either…

  • Invalidates a property quickly so you don’t waste time on deals that are never going to go anywhere
  • Validates a property quickly and gives you a clear development road map so you can move forward with clarity and confidence

In the industry, this is known as a Financial Feasibility Tool. However, not all feasibility softwares are the same.

How PDS Financial Feasibility Software (and Training) Help You Become a Successful, Profitable Property Developer

After feeling disappointed with every feasibility software on the market – most of which give you little more than basic information… and many that are bloated with useless calculations and insanely expensive training – I invested over 2 years of my own time creating my own feasibility calculators.

These tools were the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to make confident development decisions that enabled me to complete developments worth $65m and go from zero to $1.03 million equity / cash in just 5 years – part time.

Your PDS Financial Feasibility Software
Bundle Includes

A Powerful combination of Two property development Feasibility Softwares

Smart Feasibility Calculator

Vet the financial viability of a project in under two minutes & never miss a development opportunity again.  

Full-Scale Feasibility Software

Perform an in-depth feasibility analysis, without worrying about complicated financials. 

Designed for

Real-estate agents, finance brokers, developers and landowners - small to medium scale boutique developments.

Boutique property developers and landowners - medium and large residential and mixed-use projects. 

Profit Calculation 

  • Total Profit / Unit  
  • Total Profit / Project  
  • Development Margin

  • Development Margin on       Cost 
  • Development Margin on       Revenue 
  • Return on Equity / Cash on Cash Return 

  • Project  
  • Month  
  • Annualised 
  • Benchmark Construction Costs

  • Construction Vs TDC              (Total Development                Costs) 
  • Construction Vs GRV              (Total Sales)  
  • Developers Equity Contribution

  • Developers Equity                  Contribution
  • Land Vs GRV (Total Sales) 
  • Set Target Development Margin 

    Set Target Entrepreneurial Risk Margin

    Set Hurdle Rate for NPV Calculation

    Calculate Residual Value of Land

  • Residual Value of Land /       Unit  
  • Residual Value of Land
  • Sensitivity Table

    Determine what happens to your profit metrics when your costs & sales fluctuate. increase 3 scenarios: 

  • Development Profit  
  • Dev. Margin on Cost
  • Return on Equity / Cash       on Cash Return 
  • Net Present Value (NPV)

    Understand the context behind NPV and calculate both Project and Equity NPV based on your hurdle rates. Understand what the future cash flows mean today. 

    Internal Rate of Return (IRR)  

    Calculate both Project and Equity IRR. Understand what the impact of time on your project returns.

    Interest & Cash Flow Coverage Ratios 

    Find out what banks are looking for in your feasibility. WOW, your lenders and investors alike.

    feasibility S-Curve distribution

    Cash Flow Analysis

    Distribute your costs across your timeline using normal distribution and S-Curves (with ability to select the steepness of your S-Curve) and get a clear picture of monthly cash flows as well as cash flows required by stages. 

    Bank & Developers Summary 

    Get both a summary of project returns for your bank and one for yourself. There are costs that your lenders do not need to see, keep them to yourself and only show your lender what they need to see. your lender what they need to see.

    Project Related Site Value 

    Common valuation method used by commercial valuers to value DA approved sites. This is where we look at gross realizations and deduct all costs of development to arrive at your Project-Related Site Value commonly used in Australia.

     (Included in Australian Version Only)  

    Property Development Feasibility Sample Reports

    Suitable for Residential and Mixed-use developments.

    Takes into account refinancing of land at the time of construction.

    Share with your friends & colleagues get their feedback right on your feasibility.

    Customise Cost heads so they are in familiar terminology you are accustomed to.

    Print & Email professional PDF reports.

    Save and compare different scenarios for your projects.

    Property Development Feasibility Software & Training 

    Complete Training covering Theory & Application.

    How PDS Financial Feasibility Software (and Training) Are Different to Other Feasibility Calculators and Software

    In a world of information overload, there’s no shortage of so-called experts spruiking their version of advice and software tools – especially when it comes to making money with property.

    I’m familiar with most of them (I’ve spent more than $120,000 on my property education). Frankly, I’ve been disappointed more than not. So, here’s a brief assessment of what makes the PDS Feasibility tools different (and in my opinion, far superior)…

    • Created By An Active Developer
      Most feasibility calculators I’ve tried were created by academic ‘number crunchers’ who have never done a development themselves. Their software is complicated, bloated with theory, and next to useless at giving you the information you need to make quick, in-the-field decisions.

      I created the PDS Feasibility Softwares because I simply couldn’t find anything to fill my needs. Even I had to go through financial modelling training in order to do so. But while creating I got rid of the bloated stuff and made sure that the software was practical, simple and accurate for real developers. They are the exact tools I use. Every. Single. Day.  
    • Comprehensive Yet Simple
      App stores are bursting with dime-a-dozen, rinky-dink feasibility programs. Some are plain silly. Most are toys. I don’t know any serious developer who would trust them – especially when so much is at stake.

      The PDS tools are as detailed as a Sistine Chapel mural, and yet quick and easy to use. Simply fill in the blue cells, hit ‘update’, and you’ll have all the answers you need in under 2-minutes flat. You’ll be amazed at the data you get. And so will your bank. Put simply, these are professional tools for people who are serious about making (and not losing) money developing property.
    • Unbeatable Value
      While you can get a cheap app that promises the world but delivers nothing more than ‘slide-rule calculations’ and most professional feasibility programs cost thousands, annual licence and maintenance contracts and come with a massive learning curve. So unless you are a maths wiz, you will struggle, just making sense of it. ​

      Not only am I an active property developer, I have a Masters, Bachelor and Post Graduate Diploma in Business, 3 Diplomas and 4 Certificates in Building and Finance disciplines, and I’ve completed several professional financial feasibility and modelling courses. I’ve combined all this institutional and practical knowledge in these tools. That’s why I say they are the only feasibility tools that give you the answers you need. And yet they are a fraction of the price of many inferior programs.
    • Easily Accessible (Mac & Windows)
      Unlike other programs that require dedicated (expensive) software applications that are often full of ‘bugs’, I’ve designed the PDS tools to run in a spreadsheet environment i.e. Google Sheets. There are no issues with you being a windows or a mac, all you need is an internet connection and preferably a Google Chrome Browser. 
    • Made for Australia and International Property Development
      Although the principles of property development are the same the world over, there are some minor differences in feasibility calculations (e.g. GST) that can have major consequences if not taken into account. The PDS tools cater for these variances and are accurate worldwide. There are two versions which are fully customisable, one for the Australian Market and one for the International market. So if you are from US, South Africa or UK or anywhere else in the world, the international version will work.
    • Custom Cost Codes & Cost Centre Checklist
      The PDS Full Scale feasibility tool comes with an extensive list of cost codes or cost centres which can be fully customised to your own. Or you can leave them as is and modify them as you start using the software. These cost centres are pre-populated because they help you ensure that you don't miss out cost allocation for any centre whilst doing your feasibility. I know how it feels to have something not allowed for in a feasibility and finding that expense staring at you later in the development. So over the years I have added new cost centres to this list, so anytime I am running numbers on my development, I don't miss any cost allocation for my project. Having a cost centre checklist, is awesome specially when you are doing your first feasibility.

    Watch PDS Tools in Action and Discover...

    • How to ‘vet’ a property in 2-minutes flat (see a live demonstration with real numbers)
    • How to calculate all fees including land purchase and acquisition costs, finance costs, professional fees, council contributions, utility connection fees and more – all at the push of a button
    • How to calculate the ‘real’ value of the land for ultimate negotiation leverage
    • How to work out the profit per lot (after construction, marketing and sales, insurance, GST and all fees)
    • How to build contingencies into your calculations for cost changes (both under and over)
    • How to generate a complete cash flow and timeline for you entire development

    GET PDS Financial Feasibility Bundle Today

    Get the only 2 Professional Property Development Financial Feasibility Softwares, Tools & Training that give you the answers you need to find, analyse, and execute developments quickly and easily (conveniently accessible on Google Sheets) + 2 Complete Training Courses.

    Property Development Feasibility Study -Bonus

    Property Development Feasibility Video Course

    About the Creator of the PDS Financial Feasibility Tools

    Amber Khanna is a hands-on property developer who has successfully completed more than $65 million in residential and small commercial developments over the past 5 years and has numerous projects currently in motion. He has made as much as $273,000 from a single development without contributing a cent of his own money.

    What’s more, Amber has achieved a Masters, Bachelor and Post Graduate Diploma in Business disciplines. He holds 3 Diplomas and 4 Certificates in Building and Finance disciplines. And he is a REIV Agents Representative.

    Amber draws from his academic and hands-on experience to teach property investors and developers a faster, safer way to grow your property portfolio so you can boost your savings and retire sooner and richer. He also helps armchair investors make exciting double-digit passive profits (no time, effort or knowledge required). And of course, he continues to develop properties himself.

    About this Course

    Level: Beginner to Intermediate
    Prerequisite: You must have a Free Gmail or GSuite Email Address.
    Suitable for: Australia & Internationally
    Subscription: Renews Automatically every 12 months unless cancelled.
    System Compatibility: Works on both Mac and Windows


    How long do I have access to the application?
    In case of a 12 Month Subscription, you have 12 months access to the course and the software. After 12 months, the your subscription will renew automatically unless cancelled. You will also have access to Property Development Feasibility Study courses as long as your subscription is renewed.
    How can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription anytime within the first 12 months or minimum 3 days before your subscription is set to renew automatically. Simply email your cancellation request to support@feasibility.io
    If you cancel your subscription before it is auto renewed, you will continue to have access to the course and the subscribed feasibility add-on until the end of your paid subscription. If however, your subscription is auto-renewed, we will not be able to offer any refund and you will be granted access to the course and the application for another year or until you decide to cancel your subscription.
    What is property development feasibility?
    Put simply, property development is the process of adding value to an existing land or building in order to extract a better yield than it had before. And in order to make sure that the development project provides a certain level of profit, a financial feasibility study is undertaken during the initial due diligence phase. The sole purpose of this study is to determine the numbers and to evaluate a return from the development.
    What if I only want the application?
    Unfortunately, the application/software comes with the course that explains the key concepts required for you to understand in order to make the best use of the application/software. At this stage the software is not offered as a stand alone product.
    What if I have an issue with the application?
    If you have any issues with the application, you can either post your question or issue in the discussion forums or you can email support@feasibility.io
    I am only a beginner, what should I do?
    If you are just starting out, I would recommend that you start by reading the FAQs on how to become a property developer. Once you have done, I would strongly recommend either downloading my property development blueprint or reading my Getting Started in Property Development guide. Get an understanding for the property development process first jumping into financial feasibility. Here is a list of all my property development courses.