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How to Solve the Most Time-Consuming Part of
Property Developing – Finding Deals

Like most developers, do you waste hours looking at properties, trying to figure out if they have any realistic potential? And when you think a property looks good, do you constantly second-guess yourself wondering if you’ve missed something?

You’re not alone. I used to spend hours getting excited about potential properties – manually calculating figures – only to discover they never had a chance of working.

Or, by the time I was confident to move ahead with a property, someone else had already snapped it up. And I was left defeated and starting my search from scratch (again).

How I Find Development
Quickly and easily

I got sick of wasting time looking for potential development properties online. So, I bought a bunch of expensive property development feasibility tools that promised to make the process faster. One cost a whopping $4000.

But they were all too complicated & had massive learning curves, and just slowed me down more.

Knowing a thing or twelve about spreadsheets (from all my university study), I took some advanced financial modelling courses and decided to create my own feasibility tool.

It took more than three years and 1500+ hours to get right. But the result is a tool that does all the hard work for you. It allows you to ‘vet’ properties and find the best opportunities – in just 2-minutes flat.

How the Smart Feasibility Calculator Helps Developers Find Properties

The Smart Feasibility Calculator is the most valuable tool I use every single day.
No kidding – I don’t know what I did without it.
It is so EASY to use that even people with little or no knowledge
can do a
property development feasibility on any project.

  • No More Struggling To Calculate Figures Manually
  • No More Disappointment Over Properties That I Thought Had Potential
  • No More Missing Out On The Best Deals
  • No More Ambiguity & Second Guesses
  • No More Waiting, What You Were Looking For Is Already Here

Simply punch some basic numbers into the Smart Feasibility Calculator and in seconds it spits out all the answers including…

  • Development Margin - The Development Margin is a fancy way of expressing how much money you’re about to make on cost. The Smart Feasibility Calculator goes even further and tells you your profit in relation to cost and revenue. And it breaks it all down per unit.
  • Return on Equity / Cash on Cash ReturnThis calculation digs even deeper and takes into account how much equity you need, for how long and what return you can enjoy on it for the duration of the project.
  • Benchmark Construction CostsApart from the purchase price, nothing costs more than construction. This calculation shows you how much construction will cost in relation to all costs and the total end sales, so you can check your margins are within range and confirm the deal is worth pursuing.
  • Developers Equity ContributionThe hardest thing to figure out in any development project is how much equity is needed to bring it home. Most seasoned developers are not equipped to do this calculation. The Smart Feasibility Calculator gives you a precise equity figure in under 2 minutes.
  • Set Target Development / Risk Margin - Ever wanted to lock in a profit margin for yourself, even before starting a project? Smart Feasibility Calculator allows you to do exactly that. This calculation shows you the Residual Value of Land, based on a target development margin, to make sure that you never pay more for land than what it's worth.
  • Model Contingency ScenariosWhat if things don’t go exactly according to plan? This calculation shows you what happens if your costs go up and sales go down in 3 scenarios: 1) Development Profit, 2) Dev. Margin on Cost, 3) Return on Equity / Cash on Cash Return. This is the ‘fat’ every project needs to cover risk and ensure a healthy profit.
property development Smart-Feasibility-Calculator
Property Development Financial Feasibility Template_003
Property Development Financial Feasibility_005

How Well Does it work?

I’m not the only person who finds the Smart Feasibility Calculator invaluable. Here’s what others have to say about it…

Property Development feasibility review

"Loved your Smart Calculator. Great when on the road and in a hurry to get quick overall picture of a development worth pursuing or not. Well done”. 

- Jim Delalis

Property Investor

"I was impressed – your “BoE” models are more detailed and well presented than most I’ve seen".

property development feasibility testimonial

Bill Rodney

Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance, Investment and Valuation at Cass Business School & Director i-analysis training

Property Development Feasibility Study -Bonus

Property Development Feasibility
Video Course

  • Module #1: Property Development Feasibility Study - See the Smart Feasibility Calculator in action on real properties. Watch as I punch in the figures and analyse the results. You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be confidently doing your own feasibility assessments and finding potential deals. >> Watch the Explainer Video >>
  • Module #2: Property Development ProcessThis is the ultimate birds-eye-view of the whole development process, strategies and activities, from finding potential sites to selling or renting the finished property. Here I reveal the 3 C’s for Property Developers and the best strategies to follow for quick success.
  • Module #3: The Purpose of Financial FeasibilitiesThis is the ‘Show Me The Money’ section where you see exactly how to make money developing property. Discover the 3 types of Financial Feasibilities (with real examples) and what banks look for in feasibilities.
  • Module #4: Development ConstraintsWinning the game begins with understanding the rules. Discover critical insights about planning and zoning, legal and contractual, physical limitations, market, environmental and financial considerations, and learn how to set project limits. These are the disciplines that minimize risk and maximise profits.
  • Module #5: Identifying CostsProfit is NOT the amount you sell your properties for, it’s the difference between the sales price and the costs incurred along the way (it’s amazing how people forget that!). This module outlines all the direct and indirect costs, so you know exactly what to expect with no nasty surprises.
  • Module #6: Decision Metrics 
    Figures mean little until you know what they should be. Discover what a good return looks like. And how to make decisions based on the figures in your feasibility.
  • Module #7: Validation Feasibility This is where everything comes together to give you a ‘green’ or ‘red’ light. And it’s where you really see the power of this tool (because it crunches the to give you an answer you can trust).
  • Module #8: Case StudiesThe quickest way to learn a tool is to see it in action. In this module I’ll walk you through [number] case studies of real properties. But you won’t be a passive bystander. No. I’ll ask you to roll your sleeves up and make your own judgements as we go. That way you can test your own skill and quickly gain confidence.
  • Module #9: Next StepsCongratulations – you now know more than most hard-nosed developers who have been developing property for years. And you’ll have an unfair advantage in closing the best deals before they finish their breakfast. With this knowledge, and the Smart Feasibility Calculator, you’ll be able to ‘vet’ properties and find the best opportunities in 2-minutes flat.
Property Development Financial Feasibility Template_003
Property Development Financial Feasibility_005

Money Back Guarantee

One thing I want to be crystal-clear about:

  • Whatever decision you make today, it’s not set in stone. I know it’s hard to know how helpful a tool will be until you try it. So, I’m inviting you to put the Smart Feasibility Calculator to the test for 3-days.

    I know it's not the standard Money Back Guarantee, due to the nature of this tool and the limitations presented by Google Sheets, I had to limit the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to 3 (three) days. But I really wanted you to try this at NO RISK, even if it is for a shorter duration. If you feel it doesn’t help you ‘vet’ properties and find the best development opportunities quicker and easier than other methods, simply send me an email and I will refund your purchase price in full.

    But once you try this tool, like me, I think you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. Because this is the tool I use 90% of the time to do financial feasibilities on development projects.
Money Back Guarantee

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