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Boost Retirement Savings

Are you looking for a way to boost your retirement savings, so you can be financially free in the next 5-8 years?

Build Portfolio Faster

Do you already own property and now want a faster, more secure way to build a larger portfolio so you can retire sooner and richer?

Best Way

Are you thinking about property investing, renovating and developing and wondering what’s the best way to get started?

My Quick Start Course shows you the fastest, easiest way to learn the skills, gain the confidence, and start making money developing property, even if you have no experience.

It outlines my exact journey through all my developments, up until 2017, showing how I made the equity and then re-invested in the last 5 years without having any experience in property development or investment. This course is designed for beginners who would like to learn How to be Become a Property Developer?



Imagine if you could add more than $1 million to your retirement savings in the next 5 years. The next 

Amber Khanna - Development Director​​​

And it includes the details and figures for all my developments, so you can see exactly how I did it.

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30 Days, No Question Asked

Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason, you do like the training and content in this property development course, or decide that Property Development is not for you or for any other reason, simple contact me via our contact us section & I will issue a full refund - No Love Lost & No Questions Asked.

This Value Rich Course is designed to help you understand the complete property development process, financial feasibility, due diligence and lots more so you can judge for yourself if property development is for you. So before you invest considerable time & money on any property development course, seminar or training, I want you to test the waters without taking any monetary risk.

What’s Inside this Property Development Short Course?

This content-rich, highly practical course walks you through all the steps you need to make $100,000+ a year developing property including…

Course Description

How to BECOME A PROPERTY DEVELOPER - Safely & quickly

See the 3 things I did that got me on the road to becoming a successful developer (Note: This changed everything for me – I’ll tell you exactly what I learned.)

How to find your first

Learn where to look, what to look for, and how to carry out due diligence before you sign anything. You’ll be able to ‘sniff out’ the best sites without wasting hours searching online or inspecting houses on weekends

understanding numbers to Conduct a Thorough Feasibility assessment

Stop wasting time on properties with no potential. Make sure that you understand the most important principle when conducting financial feasibility. If the preliminary numbers stack up, simply keep working through my ‘feaso’ process to ensure all lights are ‘green’.

the exact property development system i follow

See my complete step-by-step system including the 6 pillars that provide certainty, scalability and financial freedom. And yes, this is the complete preview of my property development course.


This is series of four videos where I discuss the main difference between Good Vs Great Property Developers. Human Beings have an inherent flaw, we think that we know everything. Sadly, that's the time when we STOP learning & growing. We all know what happens to a tree that stops growing, because the only time a tree stops growing is when it's dying. I have seen a lot of novice property developers fly by the seat of their pants & end up in hot waters. In this series, I discuss the main differences that you need to understand between Good Vs Great property developers.


Knowing where the bumps in the road are helps you navigate around them with ease. I’ll show you the most common pitfalls that tangle new AND seasoned developers

a treasure chest of tips and tricks

You’ll learn all the most closely guarded secrets used by the world’s top developers – the very best tips and tactics I learned from investing more than the $110,000 in books, courses, coaching and mentoring programs. And more importantly, the ‘expensive’ lessons I learned actually DOING developments.

how to build a profitable portfolio - fast

While traditional buy-and-hold investors get stuck in the mud of plateauing prices, I’ll show you how to ‘manufacture’ equity, so you can move from your first property to your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th properties straight away. And to demonstrate, I’ll show you exactly how I did it (including the street address of all my developments so you can look them up online yourself).

skills, confidence and support to succeed

And I’ll show you how to continue your education and get the support you need to grow your property portfolio, so you can retire sooner and richer, without sacrificing your current lifestyle.

property development course bonus

BONUSES & property development case studies

In this section, I keep adding new videos & content every now and then about the challenges I face, how I overcome them, property development case studies and property development challenges that I feel you must be aware of. I cannot tell you what you will find in this section, but what I can tell is that you will love the bonus section of this property development short course.

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Here's my promise:

This online Quick-Start course in property development has more educational content than what you will find in many three day property seminars.

Amber Khanna  //  Development Director

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: How will this course help me?

That depends on who you are…

If you’re an investor, this course will show you a way to move beyond traditional buy-and-hold investing that many find too slow. It will show you how to ‘manufacture’ equity, so you can own more properties (without being out-of-pocket each month) even when the market is flat. And it will show you a faster, safer way to grow your property portfolio, so you can boost your savings and retire sooner and richer?

If you’re a renovator, this course will show you how to make more money per project, with less (or no) time on the tools. It will show you how to find and execute projects that don’t suffer the uncertainty and cost blow-outs of renovating. And it will give you a step-by-step system to help you make money from developing so you can build a property portfolio and replace your income

If you’re a developer, this course will give you a quick, reliable way to find and ‘vet’ potential development sites. It will give you a pathway to replace your income (in just 3 years) developing property. And it will give you a proven, A-Z system to source, develop and profit from property, so you can boost your savings and retire sooner and richer.

Q: How long will it take me to complete the course?

A: This is a highly practical course designed for people wanting to get a ‘quick start’ in property developing. It’s delivered in bite-sized lessons over 10 days to ensure maximum learning opportunity. That means, in less than 2 weeks, you’ll have the knowledge you need to research, and potentially find and begin your first development.

Q: How much can I make (realistically) developing property?

A: More people get rich in Australia and around the world through property than any other money-making means. In fact, more than 25% of the richest people make their money in property. I have personally gone from $0 to $1.03 million in equity / cash in just 5 years. And some of my students have made as much as $2.2 million in less than 11 months.

Yet, property is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If you do nothing you will make nothing. Sadly, most people who buy a book or course, won’t even finish it. So, the truth is, the amount of money you make developing property is up to you.

The QUICK START Property Development
Course Is Different

The QUICK START Property Development Course is unique because it’s built and taught by a real developer who started out from zero and no prior knowledge of property development, but went on to complete more than $47 million in successful projects and has numerous projects on the go right now.

In other words, Amber is not merely an academic, author and property coach, he is an in-the-trench doer who believes the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty. If that sounds appealing, and you’d like some help to get started, then welcome – you’re in the right place!

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Learn the Skills, Gain the Confidence, and 

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Even If You Have No Experience?

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