Property Development System

Not Just a Property Development Course

It’s The Only, "Process-Driven"
Step-By-Step System

That Enables You To Know Your Numbers
So You Can Flip, Develop Or Control
Any Property
Without Prior Experience


All Inclusive Property Development Course

Includes 12 of My Most Valuable Bonuses Plus 12 Month Access to Both of My Acclaimed Feasibility Software Programs and Courses

Whether you’re developing a 100-Unit high-rise, on selling with a permit, or simply subdividing your backyard, PDS property development course is like having a veteran property developer by your side, guiding you every step of the way

Property Development Course review

“In less than 11 months of signing up for Amber's property development course, I have secured two development sites. These two projects will yield me a combined profit of $2.2 million.

John Nguyen | Property Developer

A Proven A-Z System for Developing Property

Whether you’re looking for a way to replace your income and become a professional property developer… or you simply want to subdivide your backyard or complete a few small projects, so you can boost your savings, and retire sooner and financially free, I have the best property development course for you.

My name is Amber Khanna. I am an active property developer who started off just like you. Yet, in just 5 years, I went from $0 to $1.03 million in equity / cash developing property – part time.

Here’s what my property development journey looks like (so far)…

property development projects

As you can see, I now run my property development projects as a property development business. I've completed 8 successful projects. And I have another 6 developments in progress. Combined, they total more than $65m in gross realisation value.

Being assessed to be qualified as an Accountant (who is fastidious with details), I documented every step of my journey -- all the lessons I learned, the mistakes I made, and the tricks I picked up (including how I made $273,000 from a no-money-down deal I put together).

And now, in my property development course I like to call Property Development System (PDS), I’d like to share everything with you to help you become a property developer (either part or full time), so you can boost your savings, and retire sooner and richer.

Who Is This Property Development Course For?

who are concerned that traditional buy-and-hold investing may be too slow and not get you to your financial goals fast enough – especially in these uncertain property conditions?

who are tired of unexpected problems and disappointed by the profits compared to all the work and hassles. Unlike property development where you can get more data to base your decisions on facts, renovations has no way to estimate the correct uplift. In other words, there is no way to find out that if you spend $x on renovations, you will get $y profit. 

who struggle to find development sites, and when you do, you worry you may lose more than you make because you don’t have a comprehensive system to follow.

Real Estate Agents…
who are tired of helping developers make the ‘big’ money while you get mere crumbs in lowly commissions.

who are tired of building for developers and making them profits while they squeeze you on the fixed price building contract ad tie you up in legal paper work.

Home Owners…
who want to sub-divide your large block in order to downsize, pay down debt, and sure-up your financial position.

Mums and Dads…
who look at your super and savings and worry you may not have enough to retire the way you really want to

Singles and Young Couples…
who want more than 40 years of 9-5 and are looking for a way to make more money and live a life of freedom

Anybody looking for a faster, safer way to grow your property portfolio, so you can boost your savings and retire sooner and financially free?

Which of These Benefits Are Most Important to You?

Imagine if you could apply a proven system over the next few years and make more money developing property part time than you make right now working for someone else.

Imagine if you could build a portfolio of properties and know for certain you are set for retirement – able to stop work whenever you feel like it – and wake up every day with the time and money to do whatever you want.

Imagine having the knowledge, skills and tools to look at a property and know if it’s a good investment or not. While property ‘armchair enthusiasts’ swap tales at barbecues, you speak with authority based on facts, not feelings. And while other developers struggle with old-school methods, you snap up the best deals before they’ve finished breakfast.

Imagine becoming the ‘go-to-person’ for people who want to partner with you. They supply all the money and you, find, stack and manage the project to share the profits. Picture yourself heading up a $12 million no-money-down property development project and pocketing $273,000 without contributing a single cent of your own money.

Students of my property development course PDS, have achieved this and more. Today is your chance to join them.

“His step by step process gives you assurance to move forward with confidence”

“Coming from a non-property background, I have found the approach Amber uses and goes through in the course, very meticulous. It has helped me to develop confidence in decision making and finding the right investment property. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to either find an investment property or anyone who is looking for the right site for their next property development project”

Property Development System
Property Investor / Developer
Property Development System Course

What’s Included in PDS? 

Property Development System is an all-inclusive property development course structured into a predictable system anybody can follow.

It’s truly the quickest, easiest, most secure way for developing property successfully and becoming a property developer.

It includes everything you need to create the life you’ve always wanted as a property developer including…

  • The best ways to find ‘juicy’ deals fast (without staring at your computer screen for hours every night feeling ‘brain dead’ and exhausted)
  • How to get all the money you need from banks or investors (even if you’re starting from scratch and have no money – or equity – of your own)
  • The little-known resources and ‘hacks’ that make managing each project a breeze (with these secret time-savers you can complete your first project while still working full time, multiply your earnings, and grow your asset base for the future)
  • The ‘silent signals’ that tell you an area is about to boom (listen carefully and you’ll make money before your development even begins)
  • The truth about the ‘property clock’ and ‘market cycles’ (and the 8 simple components of property economics that make it easy to find development deals whenever you like)
  • Legal mistakes even pros make (and how to make sure you protect yourself and your family from expensive – and unnecessary – loss)

  • How to literally create money out of thin air (stop trading hours for dollars – use this secret to put more in your pocket in one day than you currently earn in a month)
  • Dealing with councils and getting approvals is a minefield, right? It can be. But when you follow my system you’ll set yourself up for ‘smooth sailing’ (get this wrong and your entire project – and money – could be tied up for years)
  • The secret to dealing with builders and tradies (and how to get top quality work without being ripped off)
  • Why many developers make no real money (or lose their shirts) and the steps you can take to ensure every project puts money in your pocket
  • How to make sure you project will sell before you commit a cent (and how to get top dollar fast)
  • Property Development System’s proprietary 3 Step Process to Minimise, Manage and Contain Risk from start to finish
  • And heaps more to help you become a ‘professional developer’ so you can wake up each morning with the money and time to do whatever you want

I know that sounds like a lot of information. But I break everything down into straight to-the-point lessons based on real case studies.

It doesn’t require any ‘genius’ or ‘luck’ to make money as a developer. Simply follow the same system that I used to go from $0 to $1.03m cash / equity in 5 years.  

Property Development System Course

How Well Does the Property Development Course Work?

PDS has been helping people achieve their dream of making money through property development since Oct 2015. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience with PDS…(more reviews on property development courses page)

“I love your honesty and the depth of knowledge you have shown”

“I have to say I am impressed with everything you have presented in your property development course. I love your honesty and the depth of knowledge you have shown. I look forward to your guidance and experience as we move into a totally new business for us. Thank you ”

BRIDGET CARROLL Property Development System Alumni

“I am suitably impressed”

“Amber, am looking through the course material and after originally being sceptical of what you promised (as I have been to and paid for other property investment material), I am suitably impressed. Keep up the good work”.

JASON GROSSMAN Property Development System Alumni

“In less than 11 months I have secured two development sites.”

“These two projects will yield me a combined profit of $2.2m at over 32% margin. These are honestly conservative numbers.... I'm not an expert on the workings of this universe, but something led me to you and your system, and now there is no looking back.”

JOHN NGUYEN Property Development System Alumni

“...this course by far is most comprehensive and practical property development course I have ever encountered...”

"I have now complete 90% of the course, I have to say, after spending 40k attending different seminars and purchasing books, this course by far is most comprehensive and practical property development course I have ever encountered, thank you , money well spent for me this time".

THOMAS GAO Property Development System Alumni
Property Development Course - infographic

Here’s Some of the Profit-Pulling Systems You’ll Discover

Property Development Course includes 25 comprehensive modules, 160+ straight-to-the-point videos, mind-maps, power-point presentations, practical exercises & 2 comprehensive property development feasibility software and video course. You’ll have everything you need to become a property developer including...

Property Development Course - Volumes
find development project

Pre-Selection – How to Find Your First Development Project

It’s good to get excited about developing your first property. But where do you start? How do you find a property, analyse the area, understand the stats, start the due diligence, and know for sure it’s worth developing? This lesson walks you through the entire property development process – step 1, step 2, step 3... Just follow along and you’ll have your first development up and running in no time.

Property Development Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Think you’ve found some land or a potential development site? Now, how do you maximise its value (and your profit)? What risks are involved? And how do you gather all the information you need before you sign a contract? Make a mistake with due diligence and you could pay (big time) later in the project. But when you get this right, you set yourself up for ‘smooth sailing’ and a predictable outcome. Again, just follow the steps. It’s all laid out for you.


Financial Feasibility

Developing property is fun. But at the end of the day, we do it for the money. This lesson will help you understand and analyse all the numbers. Includes my two Property Development Feasibility Softwares and Courses (see details below).

property development feasibility software
development finance

Understanding Finance

This lesson covers two of the most misunderstood components of property development: Development Finance and Valuations. Deals ‘fall over’ way too often due to mistakes with finance. This lesson guides you through the entire ‘minefield’ from knowing what types of loans you should look for, how to get a favourable valuation, and a detailed finance checklist that has saved my ‘bacon’ more than once. In addition to all of the above, I walk you through all the steps involved from start to finish on various strategies that you can use to raise finance for your project.

site acquisition

Site Acquisition - Purchasing the Development Site

Here’s where things start to get interesting. You really need to have your wits about you. And a proven system to follow. Discover how to finalise your financial structures for asset protection and tax purposes. And learn critical negotiation skills to ensure you get the deal you need. From Site Acquisition to structuring I cover everything that’s involved in Purchasing the Development Site.

development approvals

Obtaining Permits

I know, compliance is boring. But it’s an essential part of developing. This lesson shows you how to simplify the process, fast-track council approvals and line up all your ducks in order to get your permits in time, so your project is not held up. This section is seldom taught elsewhere and is extremely important.

marketing and pre sales

Marketing and Pre-Sales

If you build it, they will come. But why wait. How would you like to mitigate risks before you turn any dirt and commit to a construction loan? Pre-sales is your answer. This lesson shows you how to get top dollar before you’ve spent a cent on construction. Includes critical tips on pricing, promotion, agent selection, branding, structuring appealing offers and much more.



Okay, now it’s time to call ‘Bob, The Builder’. But before you do, this lesson will show you what type of contracts you should look for, how to handle the tender process and prepare construction documents, what to do about defects and liabilities to ensure you don’t get shafted, and what insurance(s) you absolutely must have in place. Grizzly old pros regularly lose their shirt because they make construction mistakes. But you won’t when you follow the process explained in this lesson.

obtaining titles

Obtaining Titles

Another ‘boring’ section about paperwork. But at the end of the day, these pieces of paper could be worth millions. So, this lesson is critical. Study carefully and you’ll celebrate when settlement comes.

property development with no money

Becoming a Deal Maker – No-Money-Down Deals

Interested in property development with no money? This lesson takes you deep into the detail and includes all the ingredients you need to become a ‘no-money-down’ deal maker. Discover the best ways to structure a project. And learn how to find and manage equity partners. All the ‘gurus’ talk about ‘no-money-down deals’. But hardly any of them have ever pulled one off themselves. With this lesson, you’ll have the skills to put together some truly amazing (and profitable) deals.

property development strategy

Your Strategy

It’s easy to ‘get busy’ with the nitty-gritty. But this lesson urges you to STOP and look at the bigger picture. It will lead you through important questions like…

  • What precise outcome are you looking for from each development?
  • And how will this lead you to your ultimate goal (of replacing your income, preparing for retirement, and making as much money as you want)?

This lesson helps you choose the right development strategy that leads you to the life you’ve always wanted.

property development project report

Project Report

Think you’d like to do a ‘no-money-down’ deal? It doesn’t come together by itself. You have to orchestrate every step. And the bedrock is your Project Report. Miss a component and you could lose the trust of your investors, financier or legal parties. And the whole project could be over before it begins. Follow this proven template I’ll teach you in this lesson and you’ll be the ‘go-to-person’ with people lining up at your door to partner with you. 

Plus 12 Critical, Time-Sensitive Bonuses
(Valued at $20,976)


I am committed to giving you everything you need to replace your income and build your fortune as a property developer and grow your property portfolio exponentially. This is not one of those seminars or courses where you constantly need to keep paying more to get the next set of information that is essential for you to move forward.
So as a limited bonus, I'd like to give you 12 of my most valuable bonuses including...


1. Ready, Set, Introspection – Mindset Training
($2500 – Included Free)

Do you have what it takes to become a property developer? Most of us are weighed down with a ton baggage we carry around that holds us back. As a certified trainer in Life Coaching, I share my 17 Laws of Success I applied to be successful in property development. These laws once internalised will set you on the right road to success whether you become a developer or not. I truly believe these will change your life as they have changed mine and have got me where I am today. I not only preach them, I live them everyday.


2. Lifetime Access to Property Development Course
($4997 - Included Free)

You’ll get Lifetime access to all the lessons in Property Development System – 157 straight-to-the-point videos -- catalogued according to topic. So, no matter where you are in your property development journey, you can quickly watch the relevant videos to prepare for the next steps about to unfold in your project.


3. Email Support During the 12 Month Course
($2497 - Included Free)

I know things can move quickly during a deal, and from time to time you may need extra support in real time. I’m committed to be there for you. Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you with an answer. I’m not kidding. I will respond personally with specific guidance. Although this premium level of support is usually reserved for my private mentoring clients (at a fee of $30,000/- per year) I am offering it to you for the full 12-month duration of the course.


4. My Exclusive “Negotiate for Advantage” - Negotiation System ($3497/- Included Free)

This is the negotiation framework I use in every deal I make to get the very best quality at the very best price from my suppliers & land vendors. It’s my ‘secret sauce’ for generating more profit and is constructed from a mix of negotiating strategies, psychology, and other tactics. You’ll have lifetime access to this powerful, step-by-step negotiation process that turns even the most timid communicator into a confident master negotiator.

Moreover, this negotiation system is structure with real life questions and answers so that when you hear a question or response, you will know exactly how to respond so the negotiation moves forward to your advantage. When negotiating, you would want to make sure that you are not leaving any dollars on the table.


5. 12 Month Access to My Smart Feasibility Calculator  - Feasibility Software and Course - ($997/- Included Free)

This is one of the ‘secret weapons’ I use to vet more potential property development deals faster, so I can snap up the juiciest opportunities before other investors even know they exist.

Instead of sitting around waiting for a potential deal to find me (good luck with that!) – I use a range of low-cost and no-cost tools to find LOTS of potential opportunities, then simply plug them into this calculator as a quick 2-minute test to see if I should explore further.

This is one of the strategies that have allowed me to develop 8 projects over the last 5 years valued at $35.9m (including one no-money-down project worth $12m).

With this powerful calculator, you can start vetting more potential deals too, so you can focus your time and energy on high-value opportunities for greater potential profit -- sooner.


6. 12 Month Access to My Property Development Feasibility Study - Advance Software & Video Course - ($997/- Included Free)

I’ve already offered to give you my Smart Feasibility Calculator so you can do a ‘quick feaso’ in just 2 minutes. It’s the tool I use first when vetting properties. But once you get into an actual project you’re going to need something with more horsepower. That’s why I’m also giving you my Full Scale Financial Feasibility Software. It’s so powerful, you can put in the development margin that you wish to make on your deal and it will tell you, (assuming all the costs that you have put in are constant), exactly what you should be paying for the land.

This is not only a breakthrough in research, it gives you a real advantage in negotiations. Instead of haggling over price, you can simply tell a seller… based on what you can do with the land and the costs involved, you can only afford to pay "x" dollars for the land. And you can back it up with facts and figures.

Although it outperforms other applications that sell for as much as $6,000, I’m giving you 12 Month Access FREE as part of this property development course.


7. My Private Library of Property Development Resources - ($1997/- Included Free)

A tradesman is only as good as his tools. So, I want to give you access to a complete kit of information, alerts, listings, data collection, calculators, economic analysis, forums and much more to equip you for fast success as a developer. These are the tools I use every day. I want you to have them at your fingertips too.


8. Lifetime Access to my PAST Live Coaching Calls Library
($997/- Included Free)

These are a collection of 1 hour live coaching calls where I have discussed real life examples, solved student queries and recorded Q&A's. You get lifetime access to these detailed coaching calls included absolutely free with this course.


9. Unlimited Networking With Other Developers
(Invaluable – Included Free)

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “It’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know”. Well, the truth is, it’s both. That’s what makes the networking opportunities during this course so valuable. You’ll make life-long contacts with people who can help you throughout your career as a developer – contacts that could take you years to meet elsewhere.


10. Property Development System Certificate Of Completion (Invaluable – Included Free)

This is not just another course (and I should know – I’ve done my fair share of property courses). It’s a milestone moment in your life as a property developer. It’s the time you will look back on when everything changed. The beginning of your journey towards replacing your income, taking back control of your time (and life), increasing your income, improving your lifestyle, bringing retirement forward, paying off your mortgage, and growing your retirement savings (quickly) so you can enjoy a life of choices without having to worry about money. And we think you deserve recognition for this. So, while your Certificate of Completion is, in some ways, merely a piece of paper. You and I know it means so much more.


11. Qualification for One-on-One Mentoring & "GameOn"
(Invaluable – Included Free)

As an active developer with numerous developments in motion right now, I don’t have much time to take on personal mentoring students. But I also recognise the benefit of one-on-one mentoring as well as group property development mentoring i.e. my GameOn program. So, to ensure my private students get the very best results, they must first complete this property development course.

Why? Because:

  • There are so many industry specific concepts, processes and procedures that for you and me to be on the same page, it is important that you understand them first. Someone who hasn’t put any effort in learning and understanding the concepts, will lack the necessary skills to vet a potential project & its complexities.  
  • I have to protect my track record and I need to make sure that the students who do sign up for One-on-One Mentoring are 100% successful. They must have the character & the competence to be successful. This property development course ensures that you acquire the skills & competence. Hence, there can be NO EXCEPTIONS to this.

12. Property Development & Investment Seminar

With this course, you get a Golden Pass that makes you eligible to join me at any of my Property Development & Investment Seminars. Sometimes, it is important sit through a seminar and go through the property development material in a stipulated timeframe to get a kick start. This is exactly what I help students achieve in my property investment seminars. This not just a property development course, it is the holy grail for property investors to achieve financial freedom and retire sooner and wealthier on a massive property portfolio.

Here's why you need to Act Now


After spending more than A$117,000 on my own property development education (including all the major courses, seminars, private coaching and years of formal education at university), I know Property Development System is the most effective property development course available...

Because it contains the exact system that took me from $0 to $1.03 million in equity / cash in just 5 years including…

  • 40+ complete modules with over 260+ straight-to-the-point videos (including Property Development Course & feasibility courses)
  • All property development mind-maps and checklists I use to make sure I cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ in my own developments
  • All the scripts I use to negotiate land value, manage suppliers, and stay in control of my projects
  • 12 month’s access to my acclaimed Feasibility Software Programs and Courses (valued at $1994)
  • And 12 of my most valuable bonuses (valued at $20,976)

And when you consider even the smallest two-townhouse development can net you $80,000 or more, the price of this property development course is staggeringly small. I mean, just 2 x part-time projects could see you bringing in an extra $160,000 a year.

Considering you can potentially make $50k-$250k on your first development (and easily complete at least one development a year), the value of this proven system is incalculable. I mean, it could easily be worth millions over your lifetime (I know it has been to me). Yet, I wanted to keep the price within reach of any budding developer. In fact, I wanted to make it a no-brainer decision. That’s why I decided to price this Property Development Course at just $4997.

And with my payment plan, you can get everything from just $71.97 per week (less than the cost of coffee for a family of four). Yes, even though I’ve invested far more that A$117,000 in courses (and as much as A$35k for private coaching) – and I don’t regret any of it – I wanted to make Property Development System Course affordable for everyone. Because I know how much this system would have helped me when I was getting started as a property developer. It would have saved me from…

  • Years of trial and error
  • Tens of thousands in expensive mistakes, and
  • Hundreds of thousands in missed opportunities
  • All the heart ache & stress I went through when I was trying to put together No-Money-Down-Deals, caused by simply NOT KNOWING the right structure, the right thing to say and the what not to say.

Even a one little thing that you learn in this property development course (could be the way you calculate your numbers, make an informed decision, or you are simply careful of a dire mistake so many novice developers make) could save you anywhere from $5000 - $1m+ in costs as well as stupid avoidable and expensive land mines. Considering the value, the price could easily be $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 (and worth every penny). 

Your Three Options

  • You’ve seen what’s in Property Development System Course (including 260+ videos, checklists, scripts, AND my two Feasibility Software Program and Courses, AND 12 of my most valuable bonuses). 
  • You’ve seen how I used PDS to go from $0 to $1.03 million in equity / cash in just 5 years.
  • You’ve heard from students who have used PDS to make money developing property (including John Nguyen who made $2.2 million in his first year).
  • And you know that this Property Development Course is not like any other course on the market.

Now it’s time ​​​​to make a decision about your future.

ONE: You can do nothing.
And that’s fine if you are totally satisfied with where you’re at in life. And never want more. But if, deep down, you long for a better life for you and your family – a life with more choices and freedom – you risk feeling the bitter sting of disappointment if you do nothing. And you may look back on today as another lost opportunity.

TWO: You can try to become a property developer on your own.
The problem is, when you’re developing property, you’re playing with ‘live bullets’ (real money). And one decision can mean the difference between a 6-figure windfall and a 6-figure loss. With so much to learn, and so much at stake, learning from your own experience is just too risky and too expensive.

THREE: You can spend a fortune on other books, courses, seminars, coaching programs and university degrees (like I did).
But even then, this won’t give you half of what this Property Development Course hands you on a platter. Because all the other programs (that I know about) focus more on WHAT you should do but don’t give you enough guidance on HOW to do it. Nothing gives you a complete, proven system to follow.

Why Do You Want to Learn Property Development Anyway?

  • Is it because you’re concerned you won’t have enough super and savings to retire the way you want to?
  • Is it because you’ve discovered traditional buy-and-hold investing is too slow and risky? And it won’t get you to your financial goals fast enough?
  • Is it because you know renovating and flipping properties is much harder than it looks on TV? And, in your heart, you just don’t want all the headaches and hassles for your family?
  • Is it because you can’t stand the thought of 40 years of 9-5?  And you know there must be a better way to build wealth and enjoy a life of freedom?
  • Is it because you have seen other people make money subdividing their land (or land in their neighbourhood), and you want to see if you can leverage your property to pay down debt and sure up your financial future?
  • Or is it because you’re simply looking for a faster, safer way to grow your property portfolio, so you can boost your savings and retire sooner and richer?

Or is it because you’re simply looking for a faster, safer way to grow your property portfolio, so you can boost your savings and retire sooner and financially free?

Whatever your reason, I urge you to…

  • Write it down
  • Read it every day
  • Picture it in your mind
  • And use it to drive you towards achieving your dreams

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve - Napoleon Hill

You just need...

  • A definite purpose (your reason for becoming a property developer)
  • A plan to achieve your purpose (PDS – your step-by-step system)
  • Consistent Action (nothing happens without action)

So, what do you say...

  • Yes, I want a proven A-Z system to make money as a property developer, so I can take control of my future and live a life of choices and freedom.
  • No, I don’t want to take action today. I’m willing live with this decision, suppressing my disappointment as my life repeats (same-old-same-old) year after year. 

Whatever your choice, I respect your decision. But I do hope you’ll join me on this amazing adventure as a property developer.

I can’t believe how much I’ve achieved in just 5 years (over $1.03 million in equity/cash). But more importantly, the person I’ve become, and the freedom my family now has.

I look forward to helping you find your purpose, create your plan, and take your steps on the path to making money as a property developer, so you can boost your savings, and retire sooner and financially free.

Property Development Course - FAQ's

Q. What is Property Development System?
A. Property Development System is a complete process driven property development course that doesn’t merely explain WHAT To Do to become a successful property developer but also explains exactly HOW To BECOME A PROPERTY DEVELOPER and developer your first property development project. The Property Development Course mimics an actual real life property development project and unfolds exactly the way a property development project would unfold in real life.
Q. Who is behind Property Development System Course and what experience do you have?
A. Amber Khanna, a full time Property Developer is the founder and chief educator at PDS. Starting from zero, he has personally developed more than $47 million in property since 2012 and has formal qualifications including…
  • Masters in Business Administration (Finance & Marketing)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Finance & Marketing)
  • Bachelors of Business (Accounting & Marketing)
  • Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management
  • Certificate 4 in Finance & Mortgage Broking
  • Certificate in Advanced Property Development (2013) (Property Council of Australia)
  • Certificate in Financial Feasibility (2013) (Property Council of Australia)
  • Certificate in Project Management (2013) (Property Council of Australia)
  • Certificate in Risk Management (2013) (Property Council of Australia)
  • REIV Agents Representative
Q. How are you different from other property educators?
A. Amber Is An Active Developer
Unlike other so-called property experts who are one hit wonders or keep living off their past glories (pre-GFC & pre-APRA induced credit restrictions), Amber is an active developer with numerous developments in motion right now. His first students were friends and family who saw what he was doing and asked if he could show them how they could get started in property. In the process of teaching them, he documented his system and now shares it with a small number of students he feels he can support. But primarily, he is an active property developer.

He Teaches the exact “HOW” Not Just the “What”
After spending a small fortune on books, programs, seminars and even $35,000 personal mentoring, Amber was disappointed with the shallow nature of the information and the help he received. While there were a lot of inspiring stories and lessons on WHAT to do, nobody showed him exactly HOW to do it. And they certainly didn’t give him a system he could follow. (Have you experienced something similar?)
His Property Development System Course gives you everything you need to replace your income and build your fortune as a property developer and entrepreneur (including how to put together No-Money-Down-Deals). It lays out a step-by-step system (like a pilot’s checklist) and explains exactly what to do AND how to do it.

Amber Truly Cares
Admittedly, that sounds incredibly cliché. But after being let down by so many ‘pretend’ experts (and fair share of charlatans who wouldn’t even return emails and phone calls), Amber is totally committed to giving his students everything they need to succeed in property. And because he is personally involved in developing his own properties every day, he can openly share his recent experiences (good and bad) to help you with the most relevant advice.
Q. What If the Property Market Slows Down?
A. As you go through this property development training, you will learn that Australia is not governed by one, single property clock. While one geographic area may be experiencing slow growth, other areas will be booming. So, there is always opportunity to make money in property.
You will also learn that, unlike traditional buy-and-hold investing, property development does not depend on organic capital growth. A developer’s margin on cost of around 10%-20% can be used as leverage for your next property whether prices go up or not. These are just 2 reasons why it doesn’t matter what the property market does. In fact, there’s often more money to be made in property development when the market is slow or declining market, because you can not only get better deals, but you can also negotiate favourable settlement terms.
Q. How Do I Know I Can Do It?
A. Successful property developers come from all walks of life. Nobody is born a property developer, we all learn the skills. Remember, Amber started where you are and went from $0 to $1.03 million in equity / cash in just 5 years.
Property Development System Course is the complete system he used to achieve these results, and the same system he continues to follow as he develops property today.