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18 Property Development Books To Help You Get Started In Property Development And Become A Property Developer


Following is the largest collection of property development books written by Amber Khanna. All books are practical, step-by-step guides for beginners and experienced property investors who wish to flip, develop or control property for profit, even if they have no prior experience.

From site selection to sale, these property development books walk you through each phase of property development and show you how careful planning, accurate financial feasibility and property market cycle timing can give you double digit returns in property development.

These property development books show you how to make property development feasible as well as how you can scale your developments. They are specially written for property investors who wish to create a second income with having a second job

Property Development is the one of the most lucrative property investment strategies and provides various opportunities for all investor types to profit from property without prior experience.

Knowledge is power, and to succeed in property investing getting the right knowledge is paramount. Based on my personal experience starting out as a property developer from scratch, I have put together the following property development books that are simple to read and with detailed instructions and information that any property investor can follow.

Merely reading the following property development books will put you way ahead in your property investment journey than anyone else... 

These books contain topics that range from property investment strategy, property investment and financial mistakes, property development feasibility study, property development due diligence, how to finance your property development project, property development checklists, property development team, site acquisition process as well as No Money Down Property Development Strategies. From having the right mindset to possessing the right skills set and knowledge the following books help you become a property developer.

property development books - PD checklist

Property Development Checklist

Current Edition

property development books - finance

how to finance your property development project?

Current Edition

property development books - PD team

property development team

Current Edition

book - site acquisition

site acquisition process

Current Edition

Little unknowns that make a big difference when purchasing sites for development

property development books - ultimate guide

The Ultimate guide to Getting Started in Property Development

Current Edition

property development books - Secret book

My Secret Property Development Process

Current Edition

property development book - no money down

How To Nail Your Next No Money Down Deal?

Current Edition

property development books - risk management

Industry Insiders Guide To Managing Risks In Property Development?

Current Edition

property development book - How to become

how to become a property developer?

Current Edition

property development books - do you have

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Property Developer?

Current Edition

property development book - 7 mistakes

7 Common Mistakes Made by Property Developers

Current Edition

property development books - why investors fail

5 Reasons, Buy & Hold Property Investors Fail at Property Development

Current Edition

Property Development Mistakes

10 Financial Mistakes Made By Property Investors And Developers

Current Edition

Property Development Courses - resources

10 Web Resources for Developers and Investors

Current Edition

Property Development Courses Due Diligence

My 26 Question Due Diligence Checklist Revealed

Current Edition

Property Development Courses feasibility study

Property Development 101: The Feasibility Study

Current Edition

Property Development Blueprint

Property Development Blueprint

Current Edition

LeadDeveloper Property development Feasibility Suite
Lead Developer feasibility suite

Lead Developer Feasibility Suite

4 Powerful property development feasibility applications

Including Real Estate Pro Forma

One Minute Feasibility
one minute development feasibility

One Minute Feaso

Run Numbers On Potential Development Project In Under One Minute

Without becoming a geek in the process...

property development Feasibility Calculator
Smart Feasibility Calculator

Smart Feasibility Calculator

"VET" Potential Development Projects & Find The Best Deals Fast...

Designed With Simplicity Sp No One Gets
Overwhelmed With Numbers...

REAL estate investment analysis and pro forma
Smart Real Estate Investment Analysis

The Real Estate ProForma Every Investor Needs...

Analyse And Compare Investment Properties In Minutes Instead Of Hours Or Days…

And Accelerate Your Portfolio And Wealth By Making The Right Decision...

LD Detailed Feasibility_App
Lead Developer feasibility suite

Property Development Feasibility Software With Cash Flow Projections With S-Curve Distributions... 

Fully Customisable With Account heads, Cost Codes & Up To 5 Financing & Refinancing Options...

Move forward with confidence...

Property Development Short Course Boxset

Get A Head Start With
Quick-Start Property
Development Course

The FastestEasiest Way To Get Started In Property Development, Learn The Skills And Gain The Confidence...

Specially If You Have No Prior Experience!

how-to-become-a-property-developer-with-no-money - Property Development Course

How To Become A Property Developer With No Money?

Get Started With My No-Money Down Property Development Course

Look Over My Shoulder As I Show You The Little-Known Property Development "Creative Strategies" To Help You Get Started In Property Development With No Money...

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