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Beginner LEVEL

property developer courses

Property Developer Courses

There is no such thing as a formal property developer course and there is no university that offers courses for property development. Yes, you will find degrees and master programs in property, but if you'll look closely they will be filled with subjects that covers all sorts of disciples. Ranging from management, surveying, accounting, construction, urban planning and so on. And none of those degree will make your a property developer.

Hence the reason for property developer courses by property developers who do what they preach. Here are various property developer courses some in the form of articles focused on various aspects of property development and property developer courses are in the form of video training modules to get you started. Y

You can chose from beginner, intermediate and advance property developer courses, including a development management system that is focused on executing your development - not just learning the property development theory.

Advance Level

Property Developer Courses

This is where property developer courses start to get advanced. With complex concepts, understanding of development finance and Property Development feasibility etc. it is important that you take property developer courses seriously.

Paid Courses

Property Developer


The following courses for property development are focused on two aspects of property development.

Our flagship property developer course - Property Development System is a step by step for beginners and intermediate property developers. It helps them to understand and then follow a system to find and profit from their 1st property development project. 

The Development Management System is focused on managing your property development project from start to finish. It lays out everything that needs to be done in a project in a Work Breakdown Structure, so when you as a property developer are managing your project or a number of projects, you do not need to think what your next steps are going to be - they all broken down to the n'th degree for you to simply follow & mark each line of task as complete.

Property developer courses

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Property Developer Courses

Feasibility Courses

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Property Development Feasibility Suite With 4 Powerful Applications And Property Development Feasibility Courses. Built With You The Real Estate Developer, Property InvestorLand Owner, Construction Contractor/Builder & The Real Estate Agent In Mind...
Because We Know That You Need Just ONE THING To Profit From Property...
Your Ability To Know Your Numbers...