My 26-Question Due Diligence Checklist Revealed

By Amber Khanna | Property Development Courses , Property Development Due Diligence

You can dramatically reduce your exposure to risk if you know the right questions to ask. Today I’m going to share with you the 26-due diligence questions I use every time I vet an opportunity. These isn’t rocket science, yet many would-be investors lack the discipline and data-focus to methodically work through each of these questions point-by-point and ensure that an opportunity ticks ALL the right boxes.

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How to get into Property Development?

By Amber Khanna | Market Research

How to get into property development?Part of getting into property development is to understand the Property Market Cycle and Property Clock Getting started in property development requires a lot of things, and understanding Property Clock is an important concept that every property developer must grasp.How to get started in property development at the right time?Understanding the Property ClockTo […]

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Fast Property Development Checklist

By Amber Khanna | Property Development Due Diligence , Property Development Process

Property Development ChecklistUse this fast property development checklist as your guide for your next property development project. This checklist does not replace professional property development due diligence.1) Assessing the SiteAs a rule of thumb the first three things that you should look at are:Zoning – is the site correctly zoned to accommodate your proposed development. […]

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Why property development is the fastest way to generate equity?

By Amber Khanna | Property Investment Analysis

Property Development is the best property investment strategy to generate equity.  All right, welcome to another video from Property Development System, a course in property development. My name is Amber. Property Development is the fastest way to generate equity, amongst all property strategies. If you are looking to exponentially grow your property portfolio, the you should […]

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Preparing For Property Development

By Amber Khanna | Mindset

What is property development? It seems like a simple question. When people are looking for a property strategy that can bring transformational change in their lives – the “gamechanger”- they often ask this simple question. But what if knowing what property development is isn’t as important as knowing if it is for you? Preparation for the property […]

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