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A Collection of The world's best property development courses, Property development Feasibility Softwares & Project Budget Applications... + Real-Time Project Tracking Services For Property Investors, Real Estate Developers, Builders & Construction Contractors...

Over 65m+ In Property Development Projects And Counting

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in addition to offering property development courses, Property Development Books, we have Created property development feasibility applications, as well as project budgeting and project tracking applications. + We offer services to track your development and construction project Budgets in real time Like No Other...

Property Development Courses

Property Development System Is The Most Detailed & realistic Property Development Course Ever Created To Help Property Investors Become Property Developers.

Property Development System Shows You Not Just WHAT TO DO, But Exactly HOW TO DO IT, Step By Step Including Our Property Development Feasibility Software & Tracking Tools – So You Can Flip, Develop Or Control Any Property For Profit. Checkout out our FREE Guide On Property Development Process...

Property development Feasibilities & Project Budget Applications

After years of iterations and extensive testing, We have developed our very own Property Development Feasibility & Project Budget Applications using google sheets. For real estate developers & property investors, try Lead Developer Feasibility Suite: A suite of 4 Powerful Feasibility Applications. Or try, lead project, our Proprietary Project budget template for builders and construction contractors 100% free lifetime access...

Real Time Project Tracking (Done For You)

real time project tracking
whether you are a developer, builder or a construction contractor... Give Us Just 3 Things
And We'll Give You Back An Ever Updating Cost To Complete I.E your project's Budget Vs Actuals report With your Custom Cost Codes...
Amber Khanna - Property developer

We Use Our Experience To Create Yours

Started by Amber Khanna, a Real Estate Developer & an entrepreneur by profession. He has been developing residential projects since 2012 and in his first 5 years, starting from scratch, he turned over $65m in development projects.

In 2015 he launched Property Development System course and website dedicated to property development courses. all real estate development courses are process drive, step by step systems to find, stack and execute residential development projects. He is also the creator of various real estate development feasibility applications. From 2013 - 2019, Amber Khanna also owned and operated his residential construction company in partnership with another builder.

You can find out more about Amber & his educational qualifications here or connect with him on LinkedIn

At PDS, we believe there is a better way to learn, stack & track projects. A more valuable, less invasive and more accurate way to financially stack & track projects, where we strive to earn our clients and their respect.

Property Development System Aims To Offer The Most Extensive Collection Of Property Development Courses & Training Programs For Property Developers And Property Investors From Around The World.

Our Lead Project+ Project Tracking services focus on tracking projects financially to provide a true financial snap shot of how your construction or development project is tracking with respect to your budget on a daily basis. LeadProject+ cuts down duplication of work, saves you Construction bookkeeping costs and your valuable time.

Property Development CourseS - OUR difference

Property Development System That Enables You To Systemise Your Processes & Know Your Numbers… So You Can Flip, Develop Or Control..Any Property For Profit… Without Prior Experience...

Whether you’re an experienced property INVESTOR wanting to take the leap into DEVELOPING property, or a complete ‘newbie’ like I was, my Property Development Courses allow you to replace your income and grow your property portfolio fAST...

Property Development Feasibility

Sign up for a free 14 trial of our Lead Developer Feasibility Suite - a suite of 4 powerful feasibility applications, because we know that all development projects are different.

One Minute Feaso, Smart Feasibility Calculator, Lead Developer & Smart REIA - The Real Estate Pro forma.

Real time project tracking

Project Tracking In real time Powered By Real People & Our Proprietary Applications...

Your project Budgets are tracked by real people who specialise in project budget tracking & focus on only one type task, increasing productivity and optimising costs.

In addition, we track all projects using our proprietary applications designed and optimised after years of iterations.

Here's What People Are Saying About Us And Our Property Development Courses

Craig Welsh

Property Developer

I would highly recommend Amber's mentoring program to anyone who wants to get into property development. Having Amber behind the scene gives you extra confidence when doing your first deal.

John Nguyen

Property Developer

I had never done property development before. After doing Amber's course I can tell you that the content is very very comprehensive. Amber takes you step by step from exactly how to find a target area, how to do a financial feasibility..... within two months of finishing the course I have signed my up my first deal.

Sam C.

Property Developer/Builder

Amber's ability to find projects, do financial feasibilities, his ability to investigate the utmost details and his analytical abilities is unparalleled.

Rachel Colombo

Property Investor

Coming from a non-property background, I have found the approach Amber uses and goes through in the course, very meticulous. It has helped me to develop confidence in decision making and finding the right investment property. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to either find an investment property or anyone who is looking for the right site for their next property development project.

Paolo Serra


Property Development System gave me a complete property development understanding from project inception to closeout. The property development courses offered by PDS are thorough and easy to understand. I my opinion Lead Developer Feasibility sheet alone is worth $5000 is not more.

John Nguyen

Property Developer


Thanks for answering my questions so quickly and directly. I almost can't believe how much I've learned from your property development courses. It's been just 2 months since starting your program, I feel like I can speak on the same level as other people who have already done projects of their own. They may know more about certain aspects of project development, but the insights that you have given me, honestly, I feel I am already head and shoulders above others out there. I have big visions and know that they will materialise.


Property Investor/Developer


Hi Amber, Really appreciate these emails - keeps me on track and this is so different from any other property mentoring programs I've been involved in. You are following us up - checking in with us to see how we are going. Keep them coming! Cheers Ruth

Priyank Thakkar

Property Investor/Developer


I have done Amber Khanna's Property Development Course 3 years back. I must say that it was one of my best and wise investment. As we speak I am doing projects worth $10m+ in end value.

There are many fantastic tips and strategies that he taught me in the course and it is outstanding. Take it from the guy who has spent so far $100K+ in just learning, understanding, researching property development and done few of these courses and found Property Development System standing out from each one of those. It is very well structured and has Amber's constant support. I will be more than happy to discuss in person if anyone wants to know about my journey, as I am better in person, face to face!

Jin Qian

Property Investor/Developer

I would recommend Amber’s Property Development System Courses for a number of important reasons.

Firstly, sheer level of depth.

When one first steps into property development, it doesn’t take very long to realise that all deals are different and there is a constellation of issues to consider with each one. And insufficient consideration of even one of those many issues could cause you to lose a lot of money and have sleepless nights.

Amber’s property development courses give aspiring property developers assurance and helps protect them from losses. He covers the entire process from mindset to realising your profits. As at the date of my review, there are almost 100 hours of video which will have to be watched multiple times to ensure retention and proper understanding.

There are a lot of other courses out there - some of which I have sampled. However, Amber’s courses are detailed to the point where one of his courses is the equivalent of getting three courses elsewhere with interest. He does not hold back.

Importantly, he uses materials from actual deals that he has done in the past to provide real life context to the theory. Some of his videos are also well-structured walkthroughs of the techniques that he uses to analyse and manage his deals.

Obviously, to excel as a developer you need to have actual experience and no course will cover absolutely everything. However, Amber’s courses is about as much hand holding as one can get from any course on property development.

Secondly, structure.

Given the amount of things you have to learn and understand, it would be overwhelming without some kind of coherent framework. Another thing that Amber has done very well is to break it up into bite sized categories following a logical progression. This makes wrapping your head around it so much easier.

This structure is also incredibly important because, as a developer, you will inevitably need to organise the way you do things to make the best use of your time and to mitigate risk and aggravation. Therefore, by applying yourself to Amber’s courses, you get a solid foundation of how to run a property development business in smooth and efficient manner.

I also add that his course on no money down deals was one of my favourite sections as it showed me that you don’t need to start of with tons of cash to develop your business.

Please bear in mind that the courses are not a get rich quick scheme where he tries to up-sell or cross-sell. Having gone through them myself, there is no mention whatsoever of other products or services. He makes it very clear at the outset that development is a risky proposition that requires a lot of education and training to master.

The bottom line is that the value you get from Amber’s property development courses vastly exceeds the cost. As a property developer it would be the first good deal that you enter into.

Ann Eames

Property Investor/Developer


Hello Amber,

I am sorry I took so long in replying to my comment on the property developer's blueprint. 

I found it so informative and so much more than I could have imaged, I will be reading it at least once a week to take it all in. 

It has given me a hole new out look when looking for a property. How to do - Why - and in what order. 

To have this Blue Print after all the education before did not tell me how to go about it I was running blind. 

Thank you so much.

Dee Janke

Property Investor

I had never done property development before. After doing Amber's course I can tell you that the content is very very comprehensive. Amber takes you step by step from exactly how to find a target area, how to do a financial feasibility..... within two months of finishing the course I have signed my up my first deal.

Jason Grossman

Property Investor / Developer

Amber, I am looking through your property development course material and after originally being sceptical of what you promised (as I have been to and paid for other property investment material), I am suitably impressed. Keep up the good work.

Thomas Gao

Property Investor / Developer

I have now complete 90% of the course, I have to say, after spending 40k attending different seminars and purchasing books, this course by far is most comprehensive and practical property development course I have ever encountered, thank you , money well spent for me this time.

Veej K

Property Investor / Developer


All the seminars, books I have been reading to become a property developer fade in comparison. Thanks for posting these videos mate, much appreciated.

Bridget Carroll

Property Investor / Developer


Hi Amber, I have to say I am impressed with everything you have presented in your property development courses so far. I love your honesty and the depth of knowledge you have shown. I look forward to your guidance and experience as we move into a totally new business for us. Thank you.

Cedric Mayfield

Property Investor / Developer


Great Course taught by an actual real estate developer!

John Nguyen

Property Investor / Developer


Hi Amber, I had to update you on my progress.

I went back and looked up the date when I first logged onto your property development course and it was 16/10/15. When I signed up, I was determined to give it my all. I was not going to let anything stand in my way to success. Today is the 8th Sept 2016. In less than 11 months, I have secured two development sites. We are a week or two away from receiving DA (development Approval) on our first, and the second I exchanged contracts this morning.

These two projects will yield me a combined profit of $2.2m at over 32% margin. These are honestly conservative numbers, they can only go up! All of this in the Sydney market, where land prices are sky rocketing with no sign of stopping. The development sites are fantastic, and meet all criteria taught in your property development courses and that you insist upon so I have no doubt they will still sell well even if the market softens.

There's still a long way to go, with many more learnings to come. But if I can accomplish this much in less than a year, imagine what I will achieve over the next 5, 10, 20 years.

I'm not an expert on the workings of this universe, but something led me to you and your property development system, and now there is no looking back.

I have to thank you for changing my life forever and hope we cross paths some time again soon.

All the best.


Property Investor / Developer


Hi Amber, I've been following your media channels (on and off) for 1.5 years now, I really like your approach. I felt the trustworthiness from you compared to others. I am not quite ready to be in contact as needing bit more time to put life and families back to stability. However, I just still would like to acknowledge my appreciate to the positive and genuine content you have out there.

Brett Kruger

Property Investor / Developer

Good Morning Amber,

I just wanted to thank you for putting the goal setting module into the course. It has forced my wife and I to really sit down and focus on exactly what it is we want in the next 10 years. We are not rushing this and are following your property development course to the letter. 

Although she is struggling a bit to finish her 50 she is working through it and I'm so proud of her for doing it. She is not a lover of this type of work but she knows that we both need to work through it in its entirety if we are to become full-time developers.

I can also sense the sincerity in your voice about how much you want us to succeed. 

I know in my heart of hearts that your course is going to be amazing and force us to grow into the people we need to become. 

Thank you for creating such a great product and helping us out to have access to it.

Have a wonderful day.

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