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The 5 Reasons Buy-And-Hold Investors Fail At Property Development (And How To Avoid Their Mistakes!)

By Amber Khanna | Property Development Mistakes

5 Reasons, Buy & Hold Property Investors Fail at Property DevelopmentMaking the leap to become a property developer is a goal of many ambitious property investors. There’s no hard and fast rule that says you need a buy-and-hold investment property under your belt before you undertake a development, but that path is certainly common enough to […]

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Property Development Team

By Amber Khanna | Property Development Process

Property Development Team – Your Army of ProfessionalsYour Property Development team is essentially your army of property consultants and property professionals that help you bring your development project to fruition. Property developers come from varied backgrounds in terms of education and industry. However, they all have one thing in common, they work with the right […]

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Property Development Process

By Amber Khanna | Property Development Process

What is Property Development Process?Property Development Process are a series of steps that property developers taken in order to find, stack and execute a property development project. An effective Property development process would include detailed steps that take you from the very first task of finding a development sites, conduction due diligence and financial feasibility […]

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Property Development with No Money

By Amber Khanna | No Money Down Deals , Property Development Courses

Property Development with No MoneyProperty Development with No Money is something that every property developer dreams about but very few achieve this feat. Doing a No Money Down Deal, is what attracts most wannabes in the property development industry. There are property development seminars dedicated to exploiting this ever elusive property development without money. Why? because […]

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Here is What Industry Insiders Say About How To Manage Risks in Property Development?

By Amber Khanna | Project Management , Property Developer , Property Development Courses , Risk Management

How To Manage Risks in Property Development?Becoming a property developer comes with inherent risks. To become a successful property developer, one needs to manage the risks in property development. A sound Property Development Feasibility Study offers the opportunity to analyse, identify, mitigate and or avoid significant risks at preliminary stages.  I want to stress that […]

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My 26-Question Due Diligence Checklist Revealed

By Amber Khanna | Property Development Courses , Property Development Due Diligence

You can dramatically reduce your exposure to risk if you know the right questions to ask. Today I’m going to share with you the 26-due diligence questions I use every time I vet an opportunity. These isn’t rocket science, yet many would-be investors lack the discipline and data-focus to methodically work through each of these questions point-by-point and ensure that an opportunity ticks ALL the right boxes.

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How to get into Property Development?

By Amber Khanna | Market Research

How to get into property development?Part of getting into property development is to understand the Property Market Cycle and Property Clock Getting started in property development requires a lot of things, and understanding Property Clock is an important concept that every property developer must grasp.How to get started in property development at the right time?  Understanding the Property ClockTo […]

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