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I am convinced that Property Development System has the most detailed property development courses, feasibility spreadsheets & project tracking services. Property Development System is the most realistic, comprehensive program ever created to help property investors become property developers.

These Property Development Courses show you not just WHAT TO DO, but also exactly HOW TO DO IT, step by step with the necessary feasibility & tracking tools – so you can flip, develop or control any property for profit, without prior experience...

– Amber Khanna | Creator & Founder Property Development System

World's Largest Collection Of Process-Driven
Property Development Courses

Not Just The What To Do, But Exactly How To Do It

Property Development System aims to offer the most extensive collection of property development courses & training programs for property developers and property investors from around the world. Property development is an industry that relies upon various professionals, and no matter the skill or educational background of the developer, no property developer will ever be able to master all the disciplines involved in a development project.

These professionals are more like the blind men and the elephant. They usually only see what's in front of them, rather than the complete picture and would respond to just what you ask of them. It is the job of the property developer to see the full picture, i.e. the entire property development process and then take decisions that will yield the best property development profit for the project. The following Property Development Courses draw from my experience and the correct academic knowledge behind every aspect of property development. Experience gained by real-life problem solving combined with the right academic knowledge.

Most importantly, the courses are designed to help you choose the right strategy that returns the most significant property development profit in the shortest amount of time in any given market cycle.

Property Development Courses

Select from Beginner, Intermediate & Advance Courses

Property Development Books for Beginners

These are a collection of the best property development ebooks that you will find anywhere on the world wide web. I have personally written them to include the complete property development process, financial feasibility, due diligence and development finance for property investors who would like to become a property developer. They give you an overview of all important aspects of property development.

Property Development Courses for Beginner-Intermediate Level

After taking the beginner and intermediate courses, you should have the skills and the knowledge to source your first small-medium size townhouse or apartment development project. Conduct your market research, site due-diligence, financial feasibilities, identify a good project from a bad one, negotiate your contract of sale, liaise with required consultants, setup, track and manage your project to completion.

Property Development Courses for Intermediate - Advance Level (Releasing 2019)

After taking the intermediate & advanced courses, you should be able to structure No-Money-Down-Deals, Negotiate Options, conduct financial modelling on various kinds of property development projects, run your development projects like a property development business & have your own Development Management System as well as a system to track your projects financially in real-time as they progress.

Collection of Property Development Books
by Amber Khanna | Property Developer

Property Development Courses starter pack

Property Development Blueprint
The Complete Property Development Process

This 65-page property development ebook not only covers the complete property development process but also goes into details of why property development is the best property investment strategy, busting all the myths about property development along the way. Property Development Blueprint is the most downloaded property development ebook on my website for anyone interested in becoming a property developer.

My 26 Question Due Diligence Checklist
Property Development Due Diligence

This property development due diligence ebook covers the due diligence factors that you need to consider when sourcing a site. The guide goes into detail about site due diligence covering zoning and setbacks as well as legal due diligence that you as a property developer need to conduct before you commit to the site and your "Contract of Sale" goes unconditional.

Property Development Feasibility Study
Property Development Financial Feasibility

The Financial Feasibility ebook is the most crucial ebook for any property developer. If you would like to become a property developer, this is where you should start. Understanding the role of financial feasibility in property development, various costs involved in financial feasibility and an understanding of the three different types of financial feasibilities.

10 Financial Mistakes Made By Property Investors & Developers And
How to avoid them for Stronger Growth

I wrote this book when I was studying for my Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking. I never pursued the profession, but the knowledge I gained about the finance and banking industry was something I feel every property investor and developer must know. This ebook highlights the mistakes that we as investors and developers make when structuring debt and the traps we need to avoid for stronger growth. If you are starting as a property investor or developer, I would highly recommend that you read this ebook from start to finish.

10 Web Resources for Property Investors & Developers
A list of Web Resources used to conduct Market Research and Due Diligence

When I started as a property developer, I went to various seminars who talked about everything but the HOW TO of every aspect of property investment and development. So when I sat behind the computer to start doing my research, I realised that there was no logical system to conduct my research. In the ebook, I share my top 10 resources I use when I start my research and due diligence on any development project.

List Of Property Development Courses
For Beginner, Intermediate And Advance Levels

Property Development Courses

Course Name

Quick Start Property Development Course
Essentials Of Becoming A Property Developer

Course Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Course Description

The Quick Start Property Development Course is a short course in property development and the fastest and easiest way to get started in property development. It will give you the skills and confidence that you need to become a property developer.

This course is designed for beginners with no experience in property development who would like to understand what does it take to become a property developer.

It includes an in-depth overview of the property development process, due diligence, financial feasibility and the difference between a good property developer and a great property developer. This short property development course will help you jump start your property development journey.

This is the course that you need to take to understand all stage of property development, what is involved, how to make money in property development and how you can become a property developer. Click below to find out more about the property development short course.

Course Name

Smart Feasibility Calculator and Video Course
Property Development Feasibility Software and Course

Course Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Course Description

You cannot become a property developer without a thorough understanding of property development financial feasibility software and the theory behind the financial feasibility metrics used for decision making.  Before you can conduct complex feasibilities, you as a developer need to understand the three types of financial feasibilities and hone your skills to able to do feasibilities based on averages in two minutes flat.

I am proud to say that my Smart Feasibility Calculator aka Validation Feasibility is the first tool of its kind to be accepted and published on the Google Marketplace.

When you initially look at a new potential development project, you don't have the complete information. However, you still need to conduct feasibility on the project to find out whether or not your project stacks financially.

I use this tool 90% of the time as it helps me determine whether or not I need to spend more time and resources on the project. In this property development course on financial feasibility, I walk you through everything that you need to understand about property development financial feasibilities, the science and decision theory behind it. I have designed this software in easy to follow modules. If you can fill out a form, you can use this Smart Feasibility Calculator, even if you are not good with numbers. Click below to find out more.

Course Name

Mastermind Your 1st Or Next Development
Flip, Develop Or Control Any Property For Profit

Course Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Course Description

Mastermind Your 1st Or Next Development is A Collection Of My Step-By-Step Mind Maps Showing You My Processes, Frameworks And Strategies. Each Mind Map Is Explained In Detailed And Comes With A Accompanying Video Training. If You Are Serious About Property Development, This Training Must Not Be Missed.

  • My Decision Making Framework: Enables You To Flip, Develop Or Control Any Property…
  • Develop & Create Your Strategy: Answer some reality facing questions before you commit yourself to any property… 
  • Identifying Your Financial Criteria & Your Capacity: Using my simple formula not taught elsewhere…
  • My Development Strategy FrameWork: Explains how every piece of the puzzle comes together to form your strategy...
  • My Analysis Process To Determine The Best Site: Think of this process as a collection of filters that give you the best possible site towards the end of the process...
  • My Analysis Framework To Determine The Highest Best Possible Use Of A Site: Once you have the best site, this process helps you determine the best possible use of the site...

Course Name

Property Development With No Money
No Money Down Property Development Course

Course Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Course Description

Look Over My Shoulder As I Show You The Little-Known Property Development Strategies to help you get started in Property Development with no money...

These Are The Strategies I Used To Make $273,000 On A Single Development… With None Of My Own Money

Now you can learn to use this fool-proof Property Development System to find the best development sites quickly and easily… diffuse the risks by following the simple due diligence checklists… and follow the project flow-chart to orchestrate the whole development… without using any of your own money…

  • The Real Secret Behind No-Money-Down Deals
  • How To Make Money With No-Money-Down Projects
  • No-Money-Down Revenue Streams Anybody Can Create
  • How To Get Investors to Give You Money
  • Exactly What To Say To Investors

Course Name

Become a Property Development Feasibility Pro in 7 Days
Advance Property Development Course on Financial Feasibility Software and Training

Course Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Course Description

Once you understand the basic concepts of financial feasibility as taught in the Smart Feasibility Calculator course, you need to understand the impact of project timelines and cash flow on your development margin & profitability.

This bundled course includes The Smart Feasibility Calculator aka Validation Feasibility as well as the Advance Property Development Feasibility Study software and decision metrics. This course is a combination of over two powerful feasibility softwares that run on Google Sheets as well as 99+ detailed videos explaining property development financial feasibility.

It teaches you how to conduct detailed feasibility on a project that you are going to proceed with as per industry best practices.

If you are serious about getting started in property development and becoming good at identifying good financially viable projects, then this is the course for you. It includes the Smart Feasibility Calculator and video course. Click below to find out more.

Course Name

Property Development System - The Complete Property Development Course
Process Driven Step-By-Step System To Source, Stack And Execute Development Projects Without Prior Experience

Course Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Course Description

Property Development System is a complete property development course that makes you a property developer. The course is structured assuming that you have little or no knowledge of property development and is structured so each module builds on the previous one, giving you everything you need to become a property developer, retire sooner and financially free.

This is a reveal all course with nothing held back. Everything that you need to execute your first property development project is included in this course. 

Whether you’re developing a Multi-Unit high-rise, on selling with a permit or development approval, or simply subdividing your backyard, PDS property development course is like having a veteran property developer by your side, guiding you every step of the way.

This course is suitable for property investors, renovators who are looking for a way to enjoy greater returns for less work, property developers, real estate agents, builders and construction contractors, mums and dads and home and land owners who would like to develop their own property or sub-divide land. Click below to find out more.

Property Development Mentor

Course Name

Game On

12 Month Property Development Group Mentoring Program

Course Level

Beginner - Intermediate - Advance

Course Description

Looking for a property development mentor? Then Game On - my 12 Month Group mentoring program could be the right fit for you. 

It is a Step-By-Step Property Development Group Mentoring That Helps You Find, Vet and Execute Your First (or next) Property Development Project. 

Game On is not just a property development course, it is a 12 month action oriented group mentoring program, that aim's to bring together like minded people who are ready to take ACTION NOW. It is for serious individuals who are ready, who are hungry and are willing to TAKE ACTION NOW. 

People who are ready to take action and be part of a project, either on their own, or they would like to pool resources with other students to find, vet and execute their first development.

The aim is that you do your first project, either on your own or in a team with other students over the next 12 months. Your project could be related to a property option, property development and or any kind of development. Click below to find out more.

Course Name

One-on-One Property Development Mentoring
24 Month 1-on-1 Property Development Mentoring Program

Course Level

Intermediate - Advance

Course Description

The Fastest, Surest Way to Become a Successful, Profitable Property Developer.

One-on-one Mentoring is personal, private help to get your first development off the ground fast and jump-start your way to making serious profit as a property developer.

It’s the only way to have direct access to me (Amber), and receive my private assistance to find, vet and execute your first (or next) development, so you can boost (or replace) your savings and retire sooner and financially free.

This program is for individuals who would like to transition into Property Development full time as a career and run their development projects like a property development business.

It is highly likely, that these individuals will become future project partners with me and will represent Property Development System around Australia and internationally. 

Property Development System
A System that Makes You a Property Developer

The Complete Property Development Course By Amber Khanna

Finally, A Step-By-Step Property Development Course for property investors to generate equity and manufacture capital growth from day one.

Just imagine if you could get your hands on a proven, step-by-step process for finding, developing, and profiting from property deals – quickly and easily…

Consider the confidence you would have with a collection of checklists, professional property development feasibility templates, worksheets, scripts and flow charts that guided you in every step of the development process…

And think about how your life would change if you had a proven blueprint to replace your income and grow your wealth through property development.

property development projects

Here’s What Others Are Saying About
Property Development System

I would highly recommend Amber's mentoring program to anyone who wants to get into property development. Having Amber behind the scene gives you extra confidence when doing your first deal.

Craig Welsh

Now: Property Developer

I had never done property development before. After doing Amber's course I can tell you that the content is very very comprehensive. Amber takes you step by step from exactly how to find a target area, how to do a financial feasibility..... within two months of finishing the course I have signed my up my first deal.

John Nguyen

Now: Property Developer

Amber's ability to find projects, do financial feasibilities, his ability to investigate the utmost details and his analytical abilities is unparalleled...

Sam Colombo

Now: Property Developer

Coming from a non-property background, I have found the approach Amber uses and goes through in the course, very meticulous. It has helped me to develop confidence in decision making and finding the right investment property. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to either find an investment property or anyone who is looking for the right site for their next property development project.


Now: Property Developer

Amber's project report was very very thorough and it had everything you needed to know about your project. I went to a property lawyer and an accountant who's forte is property development to have Amber's report cross checked and both of them gave a thumbs. It is reassuring to know that Amber's got my best interest at heart...

Dee Janke

Now: Property Developer

Property Development Course - Review
Property Development feasibility review
Property Development Courses - Testimonial
Property Development System testimonial
Property Development Course - feedback
Property Developers Success Story

I have now complete 90% of the course, I have to say, after spending 40k attending different seminars and purchasing books, this course by far is most comprehensive and practical property development course I have ever encountered, thank you , money well spent for me this time.

Thomas Gao

Now: Property Developer

The Only Property Development System That
Enables You To Systemize Your Processes…
And Know Your Numbers

So You Can Flip, Develop Or Control...
Any Property For Profit…
Without Prior Experience...

Whether you’re an experienced property INVESTOR wanting to take the leap into DEVELOPING property, or a complete ‘newbie’ like I was (I had never renovated or invested in property before putting my first development deal together), my Property Development Courses allow you to replace your income and grow your property portfolio (Especially in Uncertain Property Markets)...

…So You Can Boost Your Savings and Retire Sooner 
And financially free,
Without Sacrificing Your Current Lifestyle...

And while other books, courses, and coaching programs tell you WHAT to do, this Property Development Course explains exactly HOW to do it. PDS is the exact system – all the documents, checklists, and processes — I used to make $815,000 profit, plus assets that generate an additional $44,200 a year in passive income, in under 5 years.

My Property Development Courses go Into Intricate Details To Impart Real Skills

Property Development 101
Discover if you have what it takes to become a property developer by taking a powerful test that reveals if you’re suited for this game or not… so you can get straight onto the road to success, even if you don’t become a developer.

How To Perform A Financial Feasibility Analysis
Find your next deal with a simple 3-step system and run financial feasibilities on projects to make sure that you lock in your property development profit. My Validation Feasibility and Advance Financial Feasibility applications are included with every course. It took me over 3 years to develop and then 3 months to have them approved by Google. 

Conduct Due Diligence The Smart Way
I show you how to maximise value (as well as your profit), what risks are involved, and how to gather all the information you need before you sign a contract… so you can avoid any unnecessary risks.

Painless Property Development Finance
I’ll show you the quickest and easiest way to analyse and understand the numbers (without getting bogged down in theory)… so you can spend more time out there making things happen.

Negotiate For Advantage - Tactics For Developers
Purchase the development site and maximise your profits. I’ll show you how I structure my own projects financially to optimise tax & cover my backside, as well as critical negotiation skills… so you can get the best possible deal.

How To Get Your Permits Approved
Simplify the process of obtaining permits. I’ll show you how to fast-track approvals… so your projects are never held up.
Marketing Tips For Property Developers
Tackle marketing and pre-sales the right way. I’ll introduce you to an entire process for organising your pre-sales, and provide priceless tips on pricing and promotion… so you can exponentially increase your profits.

Developer’s Guide To Building & Construction
Master construction just like a pro. I’ll show you exactly what type of contract to be seeking, and also how to handle the tender process and the defects and liabilities… so you never have to worry about getting shafted.

Obtaining Property Titles
Obtain titles potentially worth millions… so you can celebrate happy settlements and make a ton of cash without the delays.

Financial Freedom Through Property Development
Perfect your strategy by focusing on the bigger picture of property development… so you can start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Property Development Templates
Create a rock-solid project report to effortlessly orchestrate every single step of projects… so you can become the “go-to person” with other people lining up at your door to partner with you.

Property Development without Money
Master No-Money Down Deals & become a property developer in the true sense. Discover the best ways to structure a project, and how to find and manage equity partners. With these skills under your belt you’ll have the confidence to put together some truly amazing (and highly lucrative) deals.

Did You Know?
Amber Khanna is also the creator of...

World's-1st Financial Feasibility Add-On

Property Development Feasibility Software for GOOGLE SHEETS

Become a Feasibility Pro in 7 Days

Property Development Course on Financial Feasibility including Software & Training