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A Collection of The world's best property development courses, Property development Feasibility Softwares & Project Budget Applications... + Real-Time Project Tracking Services For Property Investors, Real Estate Developers, Builders & Construction Contractors...

Over 65m+ In Property Development Projects And Counting

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in addition to offering property development courses, Property Development Books, we have Created property development feasibility applications, as well as project budgeting and project tracking applications. + We offer services to track your development and construction project Budgets in real time Like No Other...

Property Development Courses

Property Development System Is The Most Detailed & realistic Property Development Course Ever Created To Help Property Investors Become Property Developers.

Property Development System Shows You Not Just WHAT TO DO, But Exactly HOW TO DO IT, Step By Step Including Our Property Development Feasibility Software & Tracking Tools – So You Can Flip, Develop Or Control Any Property For Profit. Checkout out our FREE Guide On Property Development Process...

Property development Feasibilities & Project Budget Applications

After years of iterations and extensive testing, We have developed our very own Property Development Feasibility & Project Budget Applications using google sheets. For real estate developers & property investors, try Lead Developer Feasibility Suite: A suite of 4 Powerful Feasibility Applications. Or try, lead project, our Proprietary Project budget template for builders and construction contractors 100% free lifetime access...

Real Time Project Tracking (Done For You)

real time project tracking
whether you are a developer, builder or a construction contractor... Give Us Just 3 Things
And We'll Give You Back An Ever Updating Cost To Complete I.E your project's Budget Vs Actuals report With your Custom Cost Codes...
Amber Khanna - Property developer

We Use Our Experience To Create Yours

Started by Amber Khanna, a Real Estate Developer & an entrepreneur by profession. He has been developing residential projects since 2012 and in his first 5 years, starting from scratch, he turned over $65m in development projects.

In 2015 he launched Property Development System, a step by step system to find, stack and execute residential development projects. He is also the creator of various real estate development feasibility applications. From 2013 - 2019, Amber Khanna also owned and operated his residential construction company in partnership with another builder.

You can find out more about Amber & his educational qualifications here or connect with him on LinkedIn

At PDS, we believe there is a better way to learn, stack & track projects. A more valuable, less invasive and more accurate way to financially stack & track projects, where we strive to earn our clients and their respect.

Property Development System Aims To Offer The Most Extensive Collection Of Property Development Courses & Training Programs For Property Developers And Property Investors From Around The World.

Our Lead Project+ service focuses on tracking projects financially to provide a true financial snap shot of how your construction or development project is tracking with respect to your budget on a daily basis. LeadProject+ cuts down duplication of work, saves you Construction bookkeeping costs and your valuable time.

Property Development CourseS - OUR difference

Property Development System That Enables You To Systemise Your Processes & Know Your Numbers… So You Can Flip, Develop Or Control..Any Property For Profit… Without Prior Experience...

Whether you’re an experienced property INVESTOR wanting to take the leap into DEVELOPING property, or a complete ‘newbie’ like I was, my Property Development Courses allow you to replace your income and grow your property portfolio fAST...

Property Development Feasibility

Sign up for a free 14 trial of our Lead Developer Feasibility Suite - a suite of 4 powerful feasibility applications, because we know that all development projects are different.

One Minute Feaso, Smart Feasibility Calculator, Lead Developer & Smart REIA - The Real Estate Pro forma.

Real time project tracking

Project Tracking In real time Powered By Real People & Our Proprietary Applications...

Your project Budgets are tracked by real people who specialise in project budget tracking & focus on only one type task, increasing productivity and optimising costs.

In addition, we track all projects using our proprietary applications designed and optimised after years of iterations.

Here's What People Are Saying About Us And Our Property Development Courses

I would highly recommend Amber's mentoring program to anyone who wants to get into property development. Having Amber behind the scene gives you extra confidence when doing your first deal.

Craig Welsh

Now: Property Developer

I had never done property development before. After doing Amber's course I can tell you that the content is very very comprehensive. Amber takes you step by step from exactly how to find a target area, how to do a financial feasibility..... within two months of finishing the course I have signed my up my first deal.

John Nguyen

Now: Property Developer

Amber's ability to find projects, do financial feasibilities, his ability to investigate the utmost details and his analytical abilities is unparalleled...

Sam Colombo

Now: Property Developer

Coming from a non-property background, I have found the approach Amber uses and goes through in the course, very meticulous. It has helped me to develop confidence in decision making and finding the right investment property. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to either find an investment property or anyone who is looking for the right site for their next property development project.


Now: Property Developer

Amber's project report was very very thorough and it had everything you needed to know about your project. I went to a property lawyer and an accountant who's forte is property development to have Amber's report cross checked and both of them gave a thumbs. It is reassuring to know that Amber's got my best interest at heart...

Dee Janke

Now: Property Developer

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I have now complete 90% of the course, I have to say, after spending 40k attending different seminars and purchasing books, this course by far is most comprehensive and practical property development course I have ever encountered, thank you , money well spent for me this time.

Thomas Gao

Now: Property Developer

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